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Crossbelt Magnetic Separators for Recycling

Crossbelt Magnetic Separators for the Recycling Industry

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Whether you are in the Plastic, Electronic, Tire, Paper, Metal, or Wood Recycling business, Bunting  Crossbelts do a great job of separating ferrous metal contamination from product streams. For over 40 years, Bunting has been manufacturing permanent magnet and electromagnetic crossbelts. Our continuous investment in innovative design and manufacturing techniques allows us to offer the most comprehensive range of crossbelt magnets with the highest levels of performance. Bunting supplies a wide range of industries, including high volume OEMs and one-off installations. With a diverse product range and exceptional customer service, we can help you find the perfect crossbelt magnet to suit your application.

• Three distinct model types of permanent crossbelt magnets available.

• Three deep field model types of electro crossbelt magnets available.

• Compact, lightweight permanent and electro crossbelt magnets save space in your facility.

• Wide range of crossbelt magnets available now from stock or quick delivery.

With multiple sales offices and distributors throughout North and South America, Bunting offers:

• An extensive range of design sizes to suit all applications.

• Custom solutions for both crossbelt and inline installations.

• Technical application engineers available to advise and assist.

• Extensive custom design service options.


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Permanent Magnetic Crossbelt Separators for Recycling 

Light Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separator 

Light Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separator-Bunting-Material Handling

A compact, lightweight magnetic separator typically used over shredder discharge conveyors for plastic or electronic recycling applications.

• Lightweight design for mounting above shredder discharge conveyors.

• Available with ceramic or high-strength neodymium rare earth magnets for stronger fields.

• 4”-8” reachout; used where depth of burden is low to pull out small contamination out of shredded plastic.

• Often placed before metal detectors in these applications over the same conveyor.

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Standard Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separator 

 Standard Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separator -Bunting-Newton

The Standard Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separator separates ferrous metal from non-ferrous material and is the ideal means of cleaning the product stream in any recycling facility.

Three available strengths: 8-10” reachout; 10-12” reachout; 14-18” reachout.

Multiple widths available to reach across any conveyor width.

Suitable for a broad range of recycling applications: wood; plastic; metal; rubber; electronic; MRF; C&D; mulch; etc.

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CBS MAX Heavy Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separator 

CBS MAX Crossbelt Magnetic Separator-Bunting-Newton-Material Handling

The CBS MAX Crossbelt Magnetic Separator has been designed to address the unique demands of automotive recycling applications, resulting in a heavy-duty, durable, rugged unit.

• The most ruggedly built magnetic crossbelt on the market.

• Powerful permanent magnets deliver the highest level of separation, removing ferrous contaminants and leaving you with a high-purity end product.

• Built in with 4 magnetic widths for extended reach-out requirements.

• Primarily used in auto recycling applications, can also be used in MRF and C&D recycling.

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Electromagnetic Crossbelt Separators for Recycling

ElectroMax Compact Air Cooled 

ElectroMax Air Cooled Crossbelt Magnetic Separator-Bunting-Newton-Material-Handling

High performance, lightweight, air cooled electromagnetic crossbelt. Suitable for conveyors 36” to 70” wide at operating heights up to 24”.

• Highest magnetic power to weight ratio of any crossbelt magnet

• No oil present due to air-cooled design

• Low profile, compact design

• Designed for deep reach, higher intensity fields


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OCW Heavy Duty Oil Cooled 

OCW Heavy Duty Oil Cooled Electro Crossbelt Magnetic Separator-Bunting-Newton

Heavy duty oil cooled electromagnetic crossbelt range available in multiple sizes. Suitable for conveyors 36” to 118” wide at operating heights up to 36”.

• Manganese baseplate for high wear and impact resistance

• Unique long life powerful deep reach magnetic coil design

• ATEX rated models available

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ACW Heavy Duty Air Cooled 

ACW Heavy Duty Air Cooled Crossbelt Magnetic Separator-Bunting-Newton

Heavy duty air cooled electromagnetic crossbelt range available in multiple sizes. Suitable for conveyors 36” to 118” wide at operating heights up to 36”.

• No oil present due to air-cooled design

• Permanent extension magnets can be attached to extend the discharge zone away from the extraction point

• Designed for extra deep reachout requirements.


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Crossbelt Conveyor – Technical Specifications


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Optional Suspension Equipment


Optional support structures and guarding are available to suspend our crossbelt separators over lower belted conveyors and other equipment.

Optional support stru ctures can range from the heavy-duty tubular or channel steel adjustable supports with turnbuckles or heavy threaded rods suspensions to lighter formed steel support structures that mount onto the lower conveyor for the small Magnetic Crossbelt Conveyors.

All are designed to adjust the magnetic field as low to maximize separation but clear the thickest burden depth. Other options include expanded metal shields and guarding on the ends of the conveyor along with custom fabricated tramp iron chutes and electrical controls.



Model Guide and Options

All our crossbelts have a vast range of options to suit your application and requirements.

Please call our experienced applications engineers to help specify the correct magnet and options for your individual application.


Industries and Applications

–Mobile crushers, screens, and shredders

–MRF (Municipal Recovery Facility) plants

–Separation of ferrous contamination in quarries

–Removal of ferrous material in mining operations

–Wood waste processing applications

–Separation of ferrous material in fragmentizer metal recovery

–Removal of ferrous material from foundry applications

–Separation of ferrous metals from municipal solid waste

–Removal of ferrous contamination in glass cullet recycling

–Separation of ferrous material from curbside collection recycling

–Separation of ferrous material in skip waste recycling


Site Evaluation Service

Bunting offers a site evaluation service to give us a more in-depth understanding of complex or specialized applications. This enables us to evaluate a client’s application so that we can recommend the most effective form of magnetic separation.






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