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Label & Narrow Web

Magnetic Cylinders for Flexographic Web Presses


Bunting® manufactures flexographic narrow-web and mid-web cylinders that speed up set-ups and reduce die costs by allowing the use of flexible dies.

X-treme® Die-Cutting Cylinders

xtreme-htIn 2005, Bunting launched the innovative X-treme® Magnetic Die-Cutting Cylinder. It is the first magnetic die cutting cylinder in the world with total run out accuracy below 40 millionths of an inch (1 micron).

These cylinders are precision machined to the closest tolerances in the industry to achieve the high quality made possible by today’s close-tolerance dies. Powerful magnets lock dies in place so that they do not lift or shift. These cylinders significantly increase die life, reduce false starts and make clean cuts even on 1-mil stock with less than 1-mil liners, on “no-look” labels, and on synthetics.

Get consistent results even when going from press to press or job to job.


Benefits include:
•     Get a competitive edge in die-cutting quality, speed, and profitability.
•     Replace hard tooling with economical flexible dies.
•     Get top quality results thanks to exclusive Bunting® Super Grind precision finishing.
•     Change and mount dies faster – on the press.
•     Maintain exact register with powerful Ceramic or Rare Earth magnets.
•     Set faster press speeds.
•     Work with a wider range of substrates, including thin films.
•     Reduce wear and tear on equipment.


Standard Die-Cutting Cylinder

standard-die-cylinderBunting® Standard Die Cutting Cylinders will save you money up front and with every run by eliminating the need to stock and mount costly engraved cylinders. Their powerful surface-mounted magnets are in direct contact with the flexible steel dies and hold every square inch securely against the precision-ground cylinder.

The solid-metal core eliminates deflection for enhanced output quality and stands up to the most demanding die-cutting applications, including steel-to-steel.


Benefits include:
•     Prep new jobs in minutes with faster setup times.
•     Save time and labor on every changeover.
•     Mount economical flexible steel dies instead of costly hard-tooled cylinders.
•     Control depth of cut with fully hardened removable bearers.
•     Convert labels, business forms, envelopes, and folding cartons.
•     Best alternative for short run jobs and digital roll converting.
•     Make short runs more profitable.

Anvil Cylinders

anvil-cylinderBunting® Anvil Cylinders are precision ground to complement the dimensional uniformity of our magnetic cylinders and help you turn out superior work in printing or conversion applications.

Use these nonmagnetic cylinders in magnetic or conventional setups for your printing runs. For conversion, they let you take full advantage of the quality built into Bunting® X-treme™ or Standard Series Magnetic Die-Cutting Cylinders and today’s close-tolerance dies.



Benefits include:
•    Get a competitive edge in printing, die-cutting, and hot stamping quality.
•    Gain durability with hardened tool-steel construction.
•    Get superior results thanks to Bunting precision finishing.
•    Tighter tolerances allows for use of thin films.
•    Precision machining prolongs die life.
•    Replacement anvil cylinders correct worn anvil cylinders.
•    Reduce impact pressure.
•    Reduce wear and tear on dies, plates, and press.

Flexographic Printing Cylinders

flexoThanks to faster plate handling with magnetic cylinders, you no longer need costly spare cylinders for pre-mounting plates to reduce press downtime. Printing plates mount right on the press without time-consuming cylinder removal.

And because there’s no need for mechanical holding or lock-up devices, you can position plates end-to-end for continuous images. Order Cerface™ models with pin registration for added productivity.

The solid-metal core eliminates deflection for enhanced output quality and stands up to the most demanding printing applications.

Benefits include:
•    Prep new jobs in minutes.
•    Save time and labor on every changeover.
•    Mount economical metal-backed polymers or laser plates.
•    Eliminates need for costly sticky back mounting tape.
•    Plates can be removed and reapplied easily as needed
•    Steel construction is more durable than aluminum cylinders


Coating Cylinders

*For Web and Sheet Fed Coaters

coating-cylinderSteel-backed plates and blankets mount quickly and precisely without tape or lock-ups. Built-in pins or scribe-lines provide exact registration for accurate spot-coating. You profit from faster changeovers plus enhanced lay-down quality. Order Cerface™ models for greater holding force at higher press speeds.



Impression™ Series Embossing/Debossing Cylinders

Impression-SeriesOur Impression Series embossing/debossing cylinders feature precision-ground surfaces, hardened removable bearers, and powerful, high-energy Ceramic and/or Neodymium Rare Earth magnets.

Dies are virtually locked in place to maintain accurate alignment. Scribe-lines and optional pin registration facilitate setups and repeatability. Benefits include:

•     Make sharper, cleaner embossed images.
•     Use for single die or male/female die embossing.
•     Customize holding force with Ceramic and/or Rare Earth magnets.
•     Change and mount dies faster – on the press.
•     Complete more jobs per day at faster press speeds.
•     Maintain repeatability with optional pin registration.
•     Work with a wider range of substrates.
•     Reduce wear and tear on equipment.
•     Order 2D or 3D male/female high durometer rubber dies for outstanding results even with fine, detailed images.
•     Save valuable space: flexible dies store flat.
•     Cut costs with this economical alternative to solid embossing/debossing dies
•     Make short runs more profitable.
•     Order 2D steel embossing dies for use with a rubber blanket mounted on an anvil or cushion roll.


Hot Stamping Cylinders

Hot-Stamping-cylinderBunting® Hot Stamping Cylinders are made from solid steel to achieve ideal heating characteristics for foil stamping.

Bunting® Hot Stamping Cylinders allow precise registration and fast setups right on the press, without time-consuming cool down, and provide top-quality foil transfers even at top press speeds. Benefits include:

•     Replace costly hard tooling with economical flexible plates that store flat to save valuable space.
•     Eliminate make-ready time and materials.
•     Get even, rapid heat transfer from solid steel construction.
•     Maintain precise register with powerful surface-mounted magnets.
•     Reduce false starts and spoilage.
•     Run direct to anvil with durable steel-backed silicone plates.
•     Save the cost of cushion rolls.
•     Get superior results on thin films, plastics, and adhesive-backed labels with reduced stamping pressure
•     Save with this economical alternative to solid tooling.
•     Make short runs more profitable.


•    Cylinder temperatures are not to exceed 450°F at any time. (Magnets may start to lose strength, cylinder may swell and foil may burn above these temperatures).
•    80-150 FPM line speeds are typical, with higher speeds distortion becomes an issue.


Cerface™ Split Shell Cylinders

* For Numbering Head Shafts and Collator Imprinters on Offset Business Forms, Presses and Collators

split-shellAdd second or third-color versatility to your press with minimal setup time. Bunting® Magnetic Split Shell Cylinders fit your numbering head shafts and collators. These cylinders mount and remove easily and let you extend press capabilities by printing marginals, backers, and additional colors.





Letterpress Cylinders

letterpressBunting® Magnetic Letterpress Sheet-Fed Cylinders let you mount plates close together with a minimum of trim. So you’ll save money on paper – as well as on the steel-backed photopolymer plates that cost significantly less than conventional cast-metal plates. For superior flatbed letterpress printing, ask about our Bunting® Magnetic Bases.




Hot Spot Carbonizing Cylinders

*For Carbon Forms Printing

hot-spotMagnetic mounting eliminates messy make-ready materials and makes it easy to remove plates from a hot cylinder – right on the press. You can continue to use your existing liquid or cal-rod system – which makes changing to magnetic cylinders even more convenient and cost-effective.