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Bunting: Magnetic Equipment to Serve All Industries

The diverse range of industries Bunting serves is a testament to the versatility, strength, and effectiveness of our magnetic equipment. Our main product lines include magnetic separation equipment, metal detection, conveyors and other material handling equipment, and printing cylinders. Bunting has the widest selection of in-stock magnets available online at our website, and our DuBois location produces custom designed magnets and magnetic assemblies for implementation in nearly any application.

Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection Equipment Improves Your Operations

Magnetic separation and metal detection products improve purity and quality of products, protect equipment and customers from harm, and improve operations within your facility. Removing ferrous and non-ferrous metal contamination from the main product stream is essential to manufacturers within the food, plastics, recycling, mining & aggregate, non-woven, grain & milling, auto shredding, and powder & bulk industries. By removing metal contamination, we allow manufacturers to provide safe, high-value products to their customers while reducing downtime and improving profitability within their facilities.

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Conveying Equipment for Any Kind of Material Handling

Bunting’s conveying equipment includes magnetic conveyors, non-magnetic conveyors, and an extensive catalog of spare and accessory parts to serve a variety of material handling applications. Our conveying equipment is utilized in many of the same places our magnetic separation and metal detection equipment is used. In addition, our conveying products are exceptionally useful for the metal stamping industry and any other facility that requires fast, efficient, reliable material handling. No matter the industry, we can provide customers with a completely custom-designed piece of conveying equipment. Our in-house engineering team works with customers from start to finish to create custom equipment that meets the exact needs of our customers.

Custom Magnetic Printing Cylinders

When you order printing equipment from Bunting, you are purchasing from a company that has been a printing industry expert since 1974. Our top-quality magnetic cylinders and bases are custom built with precision manufacturing that harnesses the labor-saving power of permanent magnets. Bunting’s magnetic printing cylinders allow you to produce superior product while significantly reducing labor needs and wasteful downtime.

Bunting: Manufacturing Magnetic Technology Since 1959

With over 60 years in the industry manufacturing magnetic technology products, you can count on Bunting for unparalleled reliability, quality and customer service. Find out more about each of industries and the products we manufacture by clicking on the links below.

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