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ANC Rexam Megyesi Cylinder and Shaft

Now Offering an “Old Timer” Cylinder and Shaft Assembly

Not necessarily a high demand item but one that fills an essential void. Many “Old Timers” in the two-piece can industry who have been around decorators at multiple locations may have run across an old Ragsdale decorator. In the late 1990’s, American National Can adopted a tapered shaft/cylinder combination that was the first of its kind. After Rexam purchased ANC at the beginning of the new millennium, some of the 22 US-based and 13 Europe-based plants continued using the ANC/Rexam tapered shaft and cylinder design. Bunting believes that if a market continues to exist for a decorator cylinder then Bunting is going to offer it, only better. Better machining, better tolerances, and better deliveries … all backed with better service.

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The ANC/Rexam “Megyesi” style Tapered Shaft

• No movement on the shaft itself, which has an integrated taper means less shaft wear.

• The integrated cone and shaft maintain the accuracy of the shaft as a constant.

• Chromed cone and bearing surfaces for long-wear life.

• Available in solid, water cooled, and internal lube designs.

• Originally designed for the Ragsdale style decorator.



The ANC/Rexam “Megyesi” style Two-Piece Print Cylinder

• The two-piece cylinder body features an aluminum outer shell with a tapered steel insert.

• The outer sleeve adjusts the cylindrical or rotational registration with eccentrics.

• For the axial alignment, the outer sleeve slides in/out on the inner sleeve.

• Locking shoulder bolts secure the eccentric adjustment.

• Tension screws hold the axial adjustment in a fixed position.

• Integrated jack screw eases removal of the cylinder from the shaft.

• 100% CMM Inspection for maximum accuracy.

• Automated manufacturing for faster turnaround.


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