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2-Piece Can Decorators

Decorating Cylinders for 2-Piece Can Decorator Equipment

Our 2-piece can decorating magnetic cylinders provide exceptional value in any 2-piece can production environment. Get superior plate holding power and rugged durability that provides years of trouble-free service.

•     Enjoy fast, accurate plate changes.
•     Get registration on target quicker, and keep it there.
•     Great way to standardize multiple plants shifting to digital plates.
•     Reduces the need for full wrap plates, saving plate material cost.
•     Use common press room solvents to clean cylinder surfaces.
•     Eliminate plate flexing therefore reducing damage to plates.
•     Several variations available to meet your specific plant needs.

The PlateMaster™
Printing Cylinder Assembly


At Bunting® Magnetics Co., our engineers never back down from a challenge. So, when we set out to improve cylinders for the Stolle Rutherford® decorators, they didn’t stop at just making our system faster, easier or more accurate. We also made it just 11 ½ lbs – 25% lighter than competitive cylinders. After four years of development and field testing, the PlateMaster™ is ready to make your printing incredibly fast and accurate.

Unmatched accuracy
Perfect for today’s high definition print jobs, the patented PlateMaster™ offers a combined shaft and cylinder runout of less than 7/10,000th of an inch.

One-tool registration
The only tool required to complete fine registration is a small hex head wrench requiring only two adjustments. A precision rack & pinion system connecting the cylinder and the hub controls radial adjustments. Simply rotate the adjustment screw right or left to make the registration pins rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. The timing pin registration coupled with the rack & pinion adjustment makes registration nearly perfect – and extremely easy.

Cut down on downtime
You remove the 11½ lb (5.2 kg) cylinder simply by loosening the hex head screw in the center of the cylinder hub. It takes just minutes. We even include a cylinder mounting tool to assist in handling cylinder changeovers. And at 2,200 cans a minute, you’ll get more production out of your Stolle decorators than you ever thought possible.

What makes The PlateMaster™ tick?
The double-end expanding mandrel is the heart of The PlateMaster™ assembly. The cylinder won’t jam or swell on the shaft because the fingers of the expanding mandrel contract, allowing free removal of the cylinder even when heat from running the machine causes the cylinder body to expand.

Benefits include:
•     Features tight accuracy of 7/10,000th of an inch for high definition printing.
•     Lightweight cylinder with adjustable hub weighs just 11.5 lbs. – 25% less than others.
•     Quick mount system cuts changes to less than 1 minute.
•     Precision registration with single screw “in” and “out” adjustment.
•     Fully interchangeable components.
•     Spiral magnet design to hold printing plates in place

Stolle Rutherford® Metal Decorators

rutherford-spiralFast setups let you change plates next to your Rutherford® Metal Decorator and mount multi-color jobs in a fraction of normal changeover times. These decorator cylinders weigh only about 10 pounds (4.81 kg) each and save you money and make-ready space by replacing heavy & cumbersome conventional cylinders.

Benefits include:

•     Exceptional holding power and durability with rugged Bunting construction and super-hard surface-mounted Cerface™ ceramic magnets.
•     Use common pressroom solvents to clean cylinder surfaces.
•     Turn out high-quality impressions even with standard, image-size plates.
•     Eliminate the flexing and creasing caused by mechanical lockups and profit from longer plate wear.
•     Order optional pin registration to get positive color-to-color registration.

2 Models:

•     Standard cylinder for Stolle Rutherford® Metal Decorator offers quick plate change over.
•     “Spiral” cylinder for Stolle Rutherford® Metal Decorator provides even magnetic retention and smooth plate release.

Stolle Concord™ Metal Decorator

adjustable-pin-cylinderWith these lightweight decorating cylinders, you can mount multi-color jobs on Concord Decorators in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Cylinders are designed to facilitate installation and weigh less than 24 pounds (10.84 kg) each.

Benefits include:
•     Enjoy exceptional holding power and durability with rugged construction and super-hard surface mounted Cerface™ ceramic magnet material.
•     Safely clean cylinders with common pressroom solvents.
•     Change plates right next to your decorator thanks to streamlined setups.
•     Turn out high-quality impressions even with standard, image-size plates.
•     Get longer wear from plates because cylinders eliminate flexing and creasing caused by mechanical lockups.
•     Order optional pin registration to save time and get consistent results.

The Bunting patented “Adjustable Pin Registration” for Stolle Concord™ allows fine adjustment of the second plate.