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Washdown Can Conveyors

High Capacity Can Conveyor Systems in a Wet or Washdown Environment

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Move and control full and empty cans safely and efficiently without can damage in today’s high speed applications. Gentle control and stability are maintained by powerful magnetic plate rails. Whether you are conveying, elevating, or lowering full or empty cans, our can conveyor eliminates damage to today’s thinner wall cans, and reduces the downtime associated with gripping and mechanical devices.

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Customizable Features of Washdown Can Conveyors

Below you will see construction features that you are able to customize depending on your application needs. To meet your specific requirement, magnetic rails come standard in a variety of magnetic strengths and sizes.

Washdown Can Conveyor-Food Processing-Bunting Magnetics Co-Newton, KS

Magnetic Elements

A full line of Ceramic and Neo Rare Earth Magnetic Rails are available depending on the can size, weight, speed and angle of incline. Matching magnetic corner pulleys and curve sections are used for upper nose-over sections for smooth transfers if needed. Magnetic mattop conveyors can easily be provided in both single and dual lane conveyors and can convey any size of can up to full gallon cans.


Frame Construction

Standard Washdown Can Conveyors are designed with 11-gauge stainless steel formed frame and can be fabricated in either a utility, food grade or sanitary construction. A drip pan is optional. These conveyors are built with both fabric and mattop belts.

Angles of Incline

Standard angle of inclines are 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90º depending on the can size, weight and configuration desired.


Either standard duty or fully washdown duty motors and reducers are available depending on your application requirements. Drives can be either side hollow shaft direct drive mounted or top or bottom mounted with stainless guarding. Most drives are heavy-duty 230/460-3-60 TEFC constant speed motors to provide belt speeds from 40 to 500 fpm for high line speed applications.


All Mattop conveyors feature drive pulleys that are designed in 8”, 12”, 18” or 24” diameters with vulcanized herringbone rubber lagging w/ crowned faces for maximum loading and belt tracking. Pulleys and return rollers can be provided in either stainless steel or a more economical epoxy painted steel. All drive bearings are self-aligning sealed precision ball bearings in non-metallic composite flanged housings.


Selecting the right belt is one of your best safeguards to ensure long-term, trouble-free performance from your conveyor. Plastic mattop belts are by far the most common on newer can plant conveyor installations and can be from 6” to 10” widths as needed. Fabric belts, for most can handling applications are either 4” or 6″ wide mono-filament belts for easy tracking and minimized drive loading or mattop plastic belting for lower angle applications. Such factors as system capacity, can size and weight, infeed and discharge configuration, degree of incline, along with ambient conditions such as moisture or oil presence must be considered when Bunting® Magnetics Co. Engineers recommend your belt. Bunting provides a variety of belt materials in both fabric and mattop belting and surface textures to properly match your application. All standard belts are endless, eliminating many of the belt problems caused by splice failures on laced belts.

Available Options

Sliderbed Options – Sliderbeds can be provided in either smooth or dimpled stainless steel depending on moisture and loading conditions. Can Guides – Can guides provide overflow restraint, and can be ordered with either wear-resistant plastic coatings to protect labels or plain stainless half rounds. Heavy-duty bridge supports provide full adjustability of the guides. Drip Covers – All stainless steel hinged and latched drip covers are available for moisture control and safety guarding.   

Transfer Empty or Full Cans Into or Out of a Steamer, Filling Station or Labeling Machine

A Special Horizontal Magnetic Transfer Conveyor is usually a high speed can line where magnetic control and positioning are required. Model has full wash-down motors and drives, composite wash-down bearings, food grade or sanitary stainless steel construction with food grade belts.


The conveyors magnetic elements are especially designed to stabilize the cans at high speeds which can either be Ceramic or Rare Earth. The endless belts and construction options make these conveyors almost maintenance free can conveying.

This magnetic transfer conveyor is similar to our 3-1/2″ framed Medium Frame Conveyor Line but with all the food grade washdown construction. This conveyor will utilize an endless flat or v-guided fabric belt, mattop belt, stainless steel pulleys and shafts, composite bearings and washdown duty drives. The magnetic elements are designed for the can size, weight and speed. These conveyors can be built in either food grade or sanitary grade finish.



Washdown Can Conveyor – Technical Specifications