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Magnetic Printing Cylinders-Bunting-Newton

World Leader in the Manufacture of Magnetic Printing Cylinders

Bunting® provides unmatched quality, superior service, accurate, and unique to meet your demands in the printing industry. We specialize in magnetic printing cylinders, die-cutting cylinders, can decorating products, and more.

Most Accurate in the World

Bunting is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of magnetic die-cutting cylinders. Our magnetic cylinders hold the tightest tolerances in the industry. We have invested in state-of-the-art precision machinery to manufacture our magnetic cylinders to meet or exceed OEM specifications.


Our patented Cerface™ magnet circuitry design features higher quality magnets and better bonding of the magnets within the cylinder.


We have developed special techniques for the grinding process of our magnetic printing cylinders. This allows us to hold tighter tolerances than competitive cylinders. In fact, the runout tolerances on our X-treme® Series cylinders are so precise, many competitors do not have the tools necessary to measure them.

The bottom line is that we have state-of-the-art equipment and the most innovative manufacturing techniques in the industry. These capabilities allow us to make the most respected magnetic cylinders in the world while providing our customers quick turnaround to meet your needs.

Meets Close-Tolerance Demands

Our tight tolerance magnetic printing cylinders greatly reduce the time typically required for set-ups. Machined to run out tolerances of just 1 micron and finished with a grinding process unmatched by anyone in the industry, these cylinders stand the test of time.

Repair & Inspection

Comprehensive inspection and repair service on many magnetic cylinders, anvil cylinders and stamping bases.


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