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Magnetic Cylinders for the Printing Industry

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Bunting® manufactures various types of magnetic printing cylinders and bases. Some of them include Letterpress Cylinders, Hot Stamping Cylinders, Magnetic Corrugated Cylinders, Stamping Bases, Magnetic Die-Cutting Cylinders and Accessories.

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Increase Pressroom Productivity

Precision-built Bunting Magnetic Cylinders and Flat Bases can make your existing press a better, more productive press that can turn out superior product in less time with reduced labor. Innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, and the labor-saving power of permanent magnets make our cylinders and bases a profitable addition to any printing operation.

We have been making top-quality magnetic cylinders and bases since 1974. We work closely with major press manufacturers to ensure that Bunting Cylinders and Bases conform to OEM specifications. Each Bunting Cylinder and Base is custom built for the application in which it will be used and guaranteed to fit the press for which it was ordered. Each is ruggedly constructed and guaranteed to maintain its magnetic strength.

Turn Out Superior Work Faster

The powerful Ceramic or Rare Earth permanent magnets embedded in Bunting Cerface™ Cylinders and Flat Bases grip flexible steel-backed plates and dies and hold them securely in place – without the need for conventional mounting materials. To assist with registration, we offer pin, scribe-line, or butt-bar options.

All Bunting Magnetic Cylinders are designed with our trademarked Cerface™ magnet design featuring powerful surface-mounted Ceramic magnets that create a super-hard, abrasion-resistant surface over a strong, solid-metal core that virtually eliminates deflection. Our Cerface™ Ceramic magnets resist wear and gouging and can be cleaned with common pressroom solvents. All Bunting Cylinders and Flat Bases are precision ground to create a uniform printing surface that contributes to outstanding image quality.