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Low-Profile Conveyors

Conveyors that are built to withstand punch presses, automated operations, or under-press jobs.

Our standard-duty and heavy-duty low-profile conveyors are built for easy maintenance and the motors can be individually mounted or gang driven. Varying belt width sizes are available to increase efficiency at your facility.

Standard-Duty Low-Profile Conveyor (SLPC)

Standard-Low-Profile-Conveyor-application3 Standard-Low-Profile-Conveyor-application2 Standard-Low-Profile-Conveyor-application1 Standard-duty-low-profile-application4

Requiring only 1-13/16 inch in clearance to the top of the belt these rugged low-profile conveyors are built to withstand the punishment of even punch press or automated applications. These highly popular, compact units can significantly increase material handling efficiency at your facility.


•    Rugged construction takes the abuse of throwing in and out of dies on bolster plates.
•     Available also with magnetic holding power to hold and stabilize parts and scrap as they drop out of the overhead die.
•     Nonmagnetic models are also a popular choice for moving and transferring parts wherever low clearance is a factor.
•     Cleated belts can be used to keep parts moving smoothly on horizontals and inclines.
•    Both magnetic and nonmagnetic models can be individually or gang driven.
      One motor can drive a series of Standard-Duty Low-Profile Conveyors in forward or reverse direction.
•     Easy access to replacement and maintenance parts make for worry free maintenance. Belts are quickly replaced in minutes, making for worry free maintenance.
•     Belt width sizes from 2″ to 12″ wide.

Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Conveyors (HLPC)

heavy-Duty-Low-Profile-Conveyor-application3 heavy-Duty-Low-Profile-Conveyor-application2 heavy-Duty-Low-Profile-Conveyor-application1 heavy-duty-low-profile-conveyors-application4


Able to handle part and scrap removal in high-speed, heavy-load, and other demanding applications. The HLPC was designed to handle the toughest under-press jobs day after day with minimum maintenance.


•     For use in high-capacity, high-speed oily applications.
•     Requires 1-11/16″ clearance and provides continuous, low-maintenance operation.
•     Versatile and simple mounting arrangements for fast and easy setups.
•     Can be individually mounted or gang driven from common drive.
•     The universal support locator system allows you to mount HLPCs anywhere you need them along the length of the support system bracket on front of bolster plate.
•     Mobile base to move from press to press.
•     Multiple belt options to optimize performance.
•     Belt width from 2″ to 30″ wide.



Low-Profile Conveyor – Technical Specifications