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Trough-Belted and Transfer Conveyors

Transfer Conveyors Move Materials to Granulator or Storage Facility

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Bunting® is the expert to layout your system, whether you are re-grinding in house scrap product or designing a complete recycling facility. These conveyors can vary from 2′ to 200′ long with belt widths of 12″ to 36″ wide. They are designed to handle plastic, rubber, wood, electronic, construction, and municipal recycling and pelleted materials.

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Horizontal or Inclined Transfer Conveyors

We offer horizontal and inclined regrind or pellet transfer conveyors in any size that your application requires. These conveyors can either be smooth flat flexed wall, cleated or cleat topped belted conveyors to transfer material to a Granulator or storage facility. They are constructed to our standard and heavy-duty specifications and custom painted to match our Customer’s existing equipment.

They can be equipped with special in-feed hoppers, Magnetic Head Pulleys and Metal Detectors to insure regrind and pellet product purity if needed. They can be end driven or center driven for reversing applications. Stainless steel food grade and sanitary grade construction are available for handling food or packaged materials.



Trough-Belted and Transfer Conveyors – Technical Specifications