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Magnetic Sheet Fanners

Pry Apart Oily, Sticky, Polished or Pre-Finished Ferrous Sheets

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We can manufacture custom magnetic sheet fanners engineered specifically for your production facility. 


Magnetic sheet fanners are customizable for you and provide a faster and safer alternative to separate ferrous sheets. The magnetic field is transferred to the steel blanks which take on the magnetic pole to repel from each other.



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  • Generation I Switchable Patented Neo Magnetic Fanners


    • Designed for automation lines for fanning sheets on robotic lines.
    • Fanners are switchable and can be turned on or off to place a new stack of sheets in position or to remove a stack of sheets.
    • Turned off fanners are completely non-magnetic for safe sheet movement.


    Machine Mount Permanent Magnetic Sheet Fanners


    •     Tapped mounting holes allows for mounting directly to framework or on retractable arm.
    •     Available in either permanent magnetic ceramic or Neo Rare Earth.
    •     Tapered fronts for smooth sheet movement.



    Pivoting Permanent Magnetic Sheet Fanners


    • Complete with a back support bearing frame which can be mounted to your framework.
    • Ideal for fanning irregular shaped parts. They pivot on the bearings around the blank stack to contact with the irregular sheets.
    • Available in either permanent magnetic ceramic or Neo Rare Earth.


    Retractable Pin Sheet Fanners


    • Pins at bottom of fanner extend to support the last couple of blanks as a new stack of blanks is feed up from the bottom into position.
    • Pneumatic pins retract so that the stack can then be raised up into the fanning position, allowing for continuous press operation.



    Magnetic Sheet Fanner – Technical Specifications



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