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Cylinder Accessories

Hard-to-Find Cylinder Accessories

Get fast turnaround for top-quality printing products. We provide the industry’s best and most extensive selection of magnetic cylinders and bases and many other hard to find products. We can fill your needs with just one call.


Plate Formers


You can store metal-backed plates and photoengravings flat to save space and then use the Bunting® Plate Formers to pre-shape them for mounting in seconds. Cut press downtime and extend plate life as you speed setups on either magnetic or conventional cylinders and reduce the risk of plate damage. Select our large or small models to match your plates.


Kits Available

Bunting® has created a new easy-to-assemble Plate Former Kit for our Bench Model Plate Former product. For Printing Industry customers, this kit provides a full assembly instruction sheet that will allow for a new Plate Former to be operational in 15 minutes!

Plate Formers are an ideal addition for use in all printing operations. By using the Plate Former, you can store metal-backed plates and photoengravings flat. This will save storage space and allow for any operation to quickly pre-shape the plates for mounting in seconds. The kit is easy to assemble and is very compact for storage when not being used. Any printer using flexographic, dry-offset and letter press plate processes should have a Plate Former!

The Plate Former, which fits on any table top, cuts press downtime and extends plate life. It curves printing plates after processing. Also, it speeds up setups on either magnetic or conventional cylinders and reduces the risk of plate damage. The Plate Former allows the operator to adjust the pressure needed to get the correct curl on the plate prior to use. This product can curve plates without causing flats and can be used to pre-shape the edges of the plate.

The Bench-Model Plate Former features a 20” maximum plate width capability, 360º curving capability and has pressure adjustment capability. The Bench Model weighs only 40 lbs.



Web Protection Magnets

web-protectionProtect your press against ferrous debris such as paper clips, washers, screws, tools or razor blades with Bunting® Web Protection Magnets.

Installed above the paper feed on your press, these economical separation magnets prevent ferrous objects from passing between the cylinder and anvil. They ensure that your Anvil Rolls and Cylinders are not damaged by metal contaminants finding their way onto your web.

Web magnets reduce the opportunity for foreign metal objects to reach the cylinder anvil rolls, creating damage and resulting in downtime of your important jobs.
Our Web Protection Magnets come in various lengths from 17 – 42 inches. Should a custom length be required, we have the ability to provide a length to serve your individual need.

Web Magnets are also available in both standard Ceramic and Neodymium Magnetic loads.

*Not used in the Dry Offset Printing Industry



Corner Rounder


Our Corner Rounders make handling metal-backed plates safer and easier by turning sharp square corners into rounded corners. They also reduce wear and tear on metal-backed plates; Rounded corners help prevent curled edges and other plate damage. The corner rounder is self-sharpening, easy to use, and makes clean cuts without burrs.