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Plate Magnets

Capture Tramp Metal with Plate Magnets

Bunting supplies various types of plate magnets depending on the type of application needs. All Plate Magnets are designed for gravity free-fall applications.

Metal-Detectable Gaskets and Grommets are standard in housing of Plate Magnets.


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Standard Plate Magnets

plate-mag-trioPlate Magnets are available with permanent Ceramic magnets or with high-intensity permanent Rare Earth magnets that can capture fine metal particles and slightly magnetic debris from powdery, moist, clumpy, or abrasive materials that might choke or wear cartridge-based separators. Plate Magnets install easily in chutes to remove ferrous fines, as well as large pieces of tramp iron, from many types of free-flowing and pneumatically conveyed material. They can also be installed above conveyors or below conveyor drive pulleys to capture contaminants as material drops from open belts. Standard installation kits include a pre-drilled hinge, latch, and other hardware to ensure easy mounting. The tapered magnetic face is designed to prevent contaminant wipe-off in rapid product flow. Plate Magnets are available in widths from 4″ to 60″.

Features Include:

•   300 Series Stainless Steel Construction
•   Ideal for 30 to 60 angles
•   Rare Earth magnets offer maximum magnetic strength and reach out
•   Hinged plates swing out for easy cleaning
•   Finishes available include food, sanitary, and USDA


Plate Housing Magnets

Plate-housing-magnetBunting Plate Housing Magnets resist bridging and choking to remove tramp iron and ferrous fines from flow-resistant bulk materials. The stainless steel housings mount easily to enclosed spouting or directly on processing equipment.

Optional square, rectangular, and round adapters can be supplied to your specifications for ease of installation. A baffle at the top of the housing helps break up clumps and directs product flow over the unit’s two powerful Plate Magnets.



Features Include:

•   Excellent for coarse, fluffy, and other flow resistant materials that bridge in grates and drawer magnets
•   Compact design fits easily into limited spaces
•   Mount in spouting or on processing equipment
•   Custom transitions for round, square, or rectangular spouting
•   Rugged stainless steel construction
•   Available with powerful, lightweight Rare Earth magnets

Suspended Plate Magnets

suspended-plate-magnetDesigned to be suspended above open conveyors to remove ferrous objects and fines found in grains, feedstuffs, raw and processed food products, dry chemicals, and other particulates.

In recycling applications, they can be used to capture tramp iron from recycled material before and after it goes through a grinder or shredder.




•   Pull ferrous tramp from flat-belt and trough style conveyors
•   Powerful Ceramic magnet reaches deep into conveyed material, optional Rare Earth models available
•   Sturdy free-standing bolt-together support frame offers one convenient mounting option
•   Optional stripper plate slides out for fast, easy, out-of-the-way cleaning
•   Food and sanitary grades available

Our Suspended Plates come in sizes matched to common belt widths and are outfitted with eye-bolts to aid in handling and overhead suspension.

•   950 Suspended Plates are made for deep 10″ reachout troughing applications and for high conveyor speeds of 100 to 300 fpm.

•   650 Suspended Plates for medium-duty and lighter burden depth where 6 1/2″ reachout is adequate. The 650 Series is a very cost effective choice for lighter product density, lower conveyor speeds, or thinner burden depths.

•   450 Suspended Plates are for light-duty flat-belt applications. They can be upgraded to Rare-Earth magnets for high-intensity magnetic fields to separate metal fines from thin, light layers of product conveyed at speeds under 100 fpm on flat belts.



Plate Magnet – Technical Specifications



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