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Corrosive Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap

Longer Life and Improved Performance with the Bunting Corrosive Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap


MLT-CX6-Bunting CR Magnetic Liquid Trap-Corrosion Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap -Bunting Magnetics-Newton, KS

Many industries are tasked with handling highly acidic or corrosive materials as part of their standard product flow, and it is a challenge to find metal separation products that can maintain a high level of performance while also being able to resist corrosion. Bunting has responded to the needs of customers working in the food, chemical, and oil industries and developed a new corrosive resistant magnetic liquid trap in order to provide a solution to this problem.

The CR-MLT is made from a special alloy material that holds up against acidic, corrosive materials, resulting in a drastically extended lifespan compared to the traditional liquid trap. It resists corrosion and pitting that would otherwise cause severe damage to other traps over time. The CR-MLT is able to handle even the most difficult to flow products, utilizing a 2” diameter magnetic load to achieve complete reach out. It has a built in manual self-cleaning ability, meaning that once the flow of product has been turned off, the operator simply needs to remove the lid and use the metal detectable wiper to clean off the center magnet cartridge.


Corrosive Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap – Technical Specifications


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Oranges-Corrosion Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap -Bunting Magnetics-Newton, KSTomatoes-Corrosion Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap -Bunting Magnetics-Newton, KSGrapefruit-Corrosion Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap-Bunting Magnetics-Newton, KS Limes-Corrosion Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap-Bunting Magnetics-Newton, KS


Bunting engineers developed the CR-MLT in response to the highly acidic materials that many of our customers are currently working with. These materials range from acidic foods and drinks, such as orange juice and tomato sauce in the food industry, to heavy-duty industrial cleaners used in chemical wash downs performed by customers in the food, chemical and oil industries.

Prior to the development of the CR-MLT, customers struggled with issues such as chloride pitting, crevice formation, and stress cracking corrosion due to their highly acidic product flow eating away at the traditional liquid traps they had installed. The CR-MLT offers high separation capabilities combined with exceptional resistance to corrosion, providing a solution for customers in a wide range of industries who are handling corrosive and acidic materials. 

Since 1959, Bunting has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative magnetic separation, material handling, and metal detection equipment for a wide range of industries. Contact our sales representatives to learn more about the features of the CR-MLT, and how it can help your operation succeed!