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Magnetic Lawnchair Conveyors

Convey Steel Parts from Under Machine Presses

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Magnetic Lawnchair Conveyors are designed for conveying steel parts from under machine presses, and to automate scrap and parts removal. There is no longer the need to have to struggle with heavy, hard-to-handle totes plus it also eliminates the common problem of part and scrap overflow on the production line.


  • Parts or scrap are magnetically held to the belt and transferred to the incline up and out from under a press.
  • They can run along the side of a die and be fed by multiple Low Profile Conveyors up to a scrap dumpster.
  • Powered brushes are recommended under the discharge pulley where heavy concentrations of oil or small slugs are present.
  • Optional skid plates are available where lower in-feed elevations are required.
  • They maintain positive magnetic control and movement of ferrous materials from beneath the bolster plate area and out the back of the press into hoppers or containers.
  • The cantilevered design allows the horizontal extension to be positioned under the machine to retrieve ferrous materials.


Two Models Available in Single or Double Belts

  • The Single-Belted Magnetic Lawnchair Conveyors are designed for applications involving parts or scrap 2″ in diameter or larger.
  • The Double-Belted Magnetic Lawnchair Conveyors are designed for applications where smaller parts and knockouts are encountered.



Magnetic Lawnchair Conveyor – Technical Specifications