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Bale Break Conveyors

Break up Plastic Materials with Heavy-Duty Bale Break Conveyors that Feed into Shredding Line

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Bunting® Magnetics Bale Break Conveyors can be as simple as jogged in-feed conveyors for bales of plastic film to powered beater shafts to break up bales of plastic bottles. Whether it is bales of post-consumer detergent, milk jugs or plastic bottles, Bunting Magnetics has Bale Break In-feed Conveyors to feed your Shredding line.

Bales of material are usually placed by fork lift on the in-feed portion of the conveyor either from the side or end loading. The operator then cuts and pulls the bailing wire. The operator then either jogs or power feeds the material onto the Inclined Shredder Feeder Conveyor.


  • Heavy duty frame construction to match the application
  • Heavy duty forklift loading and pullout slots
  • Conveyor frames for 30″ to 72″ wide belts
  • Belt speeds usually between 5 to 30 fpm
  • Optional double beater shafts for bottle applications only
  • Optional bailing wire spindles for operators to wrap after cutting
  • Optional worker side mezzanines along side