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Torpedo Magnets

Torpedo Magnets Remove Tramp Metal from Product Flow Before it Reaches Plastic Molding Machine.

Torpedo Magnets-Bunting-Magnetic Separation torpedo magnets-01-Bunting-Magnetic Separation

Bunting’s torpedo magnets perform a highly desirable function for plastics manufacturers—they allow tramp metal to be removed from your product flow BEFORE it reaches your plastic molding machines. This is a key task, as even the smallest particle of tramp metal contamination allowed to remain in your material can go on to cause costly damage to the other equipment in your facility—namely, key pieces such as molders. Torpedo magnets provide highly efficient magnetic separation that allows you to avoid this risk of equipment damage and maintain a high-purity product.

Torpedo magnets from Bunting are designed to be used “Just-In-Time” (JIT) hopper loaders, and deliver a high standard of magnetic separation in a compact size and shape.

A torpedo magnet consists of a formed stainless steel ring, which is welded to a high-energy rare earth magnetic cartridge. The bottom of the torpedo magnet is a live magnetic pole that allows tramp metal to collect and hide, preventing tramp metal from wiping off and reentering the product stream.Contact Us-Bunting Magnetics-Magnetic Separation-Metal Detection



Torpedo In-Line Magnets – Technical Specifications


torpedo magnets-02-Bunting-Magnetic SeparationA torpedo magnet is installed so that it hangs in the center of a Just-In-Time loader’s glass tube. This method of installation positions the torpedo magnet so that it can efficiently capture tramp metal before it reaches your plastic molding machine. The torpedo magnet can be inspected for tramp metal buildup simply by looking through the loader’s glass tube. Then, the magnet can be removed and cleaned as required. The material level sensor, which is typically mounted on the outside of the Just-In-Time loader’s glass tube, will not be affected by the torpedo magnet.

Torpedo magnets are available in either 1” or 5/8” diameter high-energy rare earth magnetic cartridge designs. The diameter of the ring (A) should be larger than the hopper opening. We stock four sizes to fit most Just-In-Time loaders. Choose our 5/8” diameter torpedo magnets for applications where the sight glass is 2 ¼” in diameter or less. For sight glasses larger than 2 ¼”, select 1” diameter torpedo magnets.


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