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Pro-Series™ Protection Plans

The Most Comprehensive Protection Plans and Support Coverage in the Industry.

Bunting® Magnetics Co. has created a protection and support program for our Metal Detection product line named the Pro-Series™ Protection Plan. This three-stage program is designed to provide superior performance beginning at the installation of the product through the life of the metal detector.

We recognize the importance of highly reliable, accurate and cost effective metal detection products to your business. We want to support your objectives and feel this exclusive program will maximize up-time for your operations.

Your Protection Plan features three options for customers to use; Pro-Start™, Pro-Maintenance™ and Pro-Warranty™. Each option is designed to provide specific services to optimize the performance of Bunting® metal detection equipment.

Pro-Start™ Get Started Right!

Be confident that your metal detector performs to your expectations from its first day on the job. Bunting® Pro-Start™ ‘commissioning’ coverage is the way to ensure this happens.

A factory-trained Service Technician will be at your site to guide you in the verification of your installation, calibrate your metal detector to achieve top performance, and train your personnel. You will receive a calibration label for your metal detector, a more-detailed calibration record for your files, and a complimentary set of test spheres or sticks.

Another great feature of Pro-Start™ is its extension of the original one year factory warranty by an additional year. Two full years of phone-based technical support are also included. Pro-Start™ is an unbeatable value and a must have package of important services.

Click here to see everything that is included in a calibration and certification appointment.

Pro-Maintenance™ Receive Ongoing Support!

Keeping your metal detector operating like new is critical when you consider the impact of poor performance on customer satisfaction and other consequences.

Pro-Maintenance™ provides factory-trained Service Technicians to visit your site once yearly (Gold Plan) or twice yearly (Platinum Plan) to service and calibrate your metal detector and ensure you’re running the latest, most accurate, software.

Pro-Maintenance™ also includes a complimentary set of test spheres or sticks, significant parts and labor discounts on any needed repair work, on-site training for your personnel, and two years of phone-based technical support.

Why would you want to be without this important and economical bundle of services?

Pro-Warranty™ Stay Protected!

Don’t miss the opportunity to extend your factory-authorized warranty coverage for up to a full five years from the install date. Available only when your Bunting® Metal Detector is new and in one year increments on top of the initial one year warranty, with a maximum of five total years of coverage. This cost-effective coverage includes all repair parts. Labor is included when an on-site visit is required.

Pro-Warranty™ also provides many other valuable features including the latest software updates, expedited shipment of spare parts, additional discounts for any new Metal Detection equipment purchased during the warranty period, and no-cost phone-based technical support for the duration of the warranty period.

Pro-Warranty™ gives you the confidence that only a factory-authorized plan can, while avoiding the risk of going it alone. Make sure to ask for Pro-Warranty™ coverage and avoid costly board replacement expense. One year of our Pro-Warranty™ coverage is about half the cost of one replacement board.

Additional Services. Get Help Quick!

Whether your equipment has a warranty or not, we have the factory-trained Service Technicians that can get you operating again, fast. Schedule your service at the first sign of trouble and be confident of minimal lost time. If necessary, re-calibration can be included in the repair visit.

Our Service Technicians are experts at getting maximum performance from your Bunting® Metal Detector. Their goal is to keep you operating with confidence and audit-ready. With each Calibration service call, you will receive a calibration label for your metal detector, a more-detailed calibration record for your files, and a complimentary set of test spheres or sticks.

Board Replacement Program
Bunting® maintains an extensive stock of Control and Display boards in most recent configurations. We can usually ship a replacement board to you the same day.

Program Conditions

•     PRO-SERIES™ service and warranty programs are only available for Bunting® Metal Detection equipment.
•     PRO-SERIES™ service and warranty programs are available only to the original purchaser and for the quoted application, and they relate to the performance of the Metal Detector itself and any connected reject mechanism, not any attached conveyor system or remote reject mechanism, whether originally provided by Bunting® or not. Bunting® conveyor systems carry a separate one year warranty.
•     PRO-SERIES™ service and warranty programs are available for Metal Detectors that have not been modified, altered or abused. The Metal Detector must be operating properly at the time of purchase of the service agreement.
•     PRO-WARRANTY™ is a limited warranty with specific requirements. Because of the wide variety of customer locations, travel and living costs (air tickets, hotels, ground transportation, meals, etc.) are not included in any PRO-SERIES™ plan, and will be estimated at the time of quoting by Bunting® for the customer’s intended service plan purchase.
•     Metal Detector’s must be properly installed by the purchaser and free from known sources of static electricity or other interference.
•     Standard service hours for on-site visits by Bunting® Service Technicians will generally be between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on weekdays. Early morning, early evening, holiday and weekend service and travel can be scheduled with reasonable notice at additional cost.
•     Schedules for on-site service visits can be impacted by peak customer demand, transportation availability, weather conditions, and other factors beyond our control. Bunting® will make every effort to meet the scheduling objectives of the customer.
•     The Buyer understands and agrees that Bunting® liability for any and all consequential damages related to or arising from the offering or sale of PRO-SERIES™ products and services shall be limited to the amount of the purchase price for the products and/or services.
•     Refer to for the Bunting® Terms and Conditions of Sale under which all Metal Detection products and services are offered and sold.