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Move-IT™ Systems

Move-IT™ Part Transfer Conveyors

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•      Sturdy formed steel frame construction, heavy-duty bearings and simple straight-forward design that is both reliable and easy to maintain.
•      Electrical components and variable-speed drive motors are available to match the power needs of each installation.
•      Durable cleated belts allow you to move parts and scrap up and down inclines as well as along horizontal runs for maximum layout flexibility.
•      Belt styles include: standard fabric or mattop belts, cleated belts for steep inclines, or scoop cleated belting for maximum versatility.
•      Several styles to choose from

Style A – Straight Frame

Move-It-conveyors2 •      Suited for horizontal or incline conveying. • Great under-press applications, box transfer, and scrap removal.
•      Optional built-in chute collects parts or scraps for transport.
•      Standard belts can be used for 10° inclines. For higher angles, cleated belts keep materials moving.


Style B – Gooseneck

•     Designed to receive parts that discharge underneath machinery and convey them where needed.
•     Standard belts are PVC with 1 1/2″ cleats and polypropylene belts with 2-inch cleats, both on 16 inch centers.
•     Incline angles are 30°, 45°, and 60°.
•     Standard in-feed flaps contains product.


Style C – Z-Shape

•     Design combines the capabilities of horizontal and incline conveyors in a single unit.
•     Able to collect parts from underneath machinery.
•     The standard fabric belt is PVC with 1 1/2″high cleats on 16 inch centers.
•     Incline angles are 30°, 45°, and 60°.
•     In-feed flaps to contain products are standard.


Style D – Noseover

•      Made to receive parts from overhead and transfer them to a lower level, but can also be used to elevate parts where needed.
•      Available with high friction or cleated belts, depending on the part and the incline.
•      Incline angles are 30°, 45°, and 60°.


Style E – Elevator

•      Designed to receive small parts from overhead operations and convey them down to consolidation areas.
•      Offer inclines of 45°, 60°, and 75°.
•      Standard fabric belt is PVC with 1″ cleats on 6″ centers. Higher cleats are recommended for steep inclines.
•      In-feed hoppers and discharge chutes are standard equipment.