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Gaylord Cleaning Station

Gaylord Cleaning Station

For Protection Against Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Debris



gaylord cleaning station-01By running all inbound material through a Gaylord cleaning station, the station is able to detect and remove any metal that the supplier may have missed. Gaylord cleaning stations are also desirable because they can be used to recover good material out of product that other metal detectors have rejected. If each line of your plastic plants rejects metal like it should, you are losing good material that you could use to make profit. As Gaylords or bins fill up with rejected or potentially dirty material, the Gaylord cleaning station can help reclaim much of that plastic. By taking dirty Gaylords and running their material through the cleaning station, good plastic can be reclaimed by ensuring there is no metal in the cleaned plastic.

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The first component of our standard Gaylord Cleaning Station is an FF Series Drawer Magnet. This piece of magnetic separation equipment harness the power of neodymium magnets to capture and hold a wide range of ferrous materials—from large pieces of tramp iron to even the tiniest fine metal particles. The second component is one of our metal detectors, which use the most advanced metal detection technology to detect and reject all types of metal contamination, including non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. This cleaning station will typically implement a quickTRON 03R or HS 9050/9100 metal detector. These metal detectors feature adjustable sensitivity and rejection cycling features to conserve good material.

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Bunting’s Gaylord station provides a simple, effective solution that can be used to combat all types of metal contamination within your plastics plant, protecting the purity and quality of your product.

Gaylord Cleaning Station (FF Series Drawer Magnet + quickTRON™ 03R OR HS 9050/9100 metal detector)

• Enjoy maximum protection from ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination in plastics production environments.

• Fast-acting rejection mechanism and adjustable metal detection sensitivity reduce waste and preserve good material.

• By reclaiming good plastic, you can minimize waste and maximize your profits.

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