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Aggregate, Mining & Minerals

Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection Equipment for the Aggregate, Mining, and Mineral Industries

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Bunting is committed to helping customers across the mineral processing industry to break ground as our equipment assists them in solving challenging problems. We dig down to find the root cause of their problems and use specialty software to custom-design the best solutions to fit the customer’s needs. We offer exceptionally rugged magnets and heavy-duty magnetic separation equipment specifically catered to customers in the aggregate, mining, and mineral industries. Working with these materials is tough, but Bunting equipment is even tougher. Our magnetic separation equipment will protect the other equipment utilized in your facility and allow you to deliver the highest purity product to your customers.

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Bunting: The Top Choice for the Toughest Mineral Processing Jobs

Bunting provides equipment to help mineral processing companies by using magnetic separation technology to remove metal contaminants from product streams and providing metal detection equipment to alert operators of ferrous and non-ferrous metal hazards trapped within greater product mass. All of our equipment is designed to be low-maintenance and operator friendly to increase efficiency and decrease downtime in your production.

Magnetic Separation in Mineral Processing

Magnetic separation utilizes powerful magnets to pull out ferrous metal contaminants from a product line, trapping them against the face of the magnet and ensuring they cannot re-enter the product stream. The strength of the magnetic field means that continued product flow, no matter how rapid, will not be able to dislodge the ferrous material from where it has been initially trapped. Bunting offers magnetic separation equipment suitable for heavy-duty applications, with rugged construction designed for handling large amounts of material.

Metal detection systems generate an electromagnetic field that material is flowed through, sensing and rejecting any ferrous or non-ferrous metal that is hidden within the product. In situations where a magnetic separator may be unable to remove a non-ferrous contaminant, such as aluminum, a metal detector is able to sense this metal and remove the contaminated section of product from the greater flow of operations.

All of our products are custom designed according to the customer’s specifications, allowing for them to integrate seamlessly into the existing production environment. Our team of engineers works with each customer to deliver a personalized piece of equipment with the physical dimensions to best fit your space and the magnetic components that best suit your separation and detection needs.