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Gravity Free-Fall Metal Separators – Food, Powder & Bulk

Metal Separator for Gravity Free-Fall Applications

Gravity Free-Fall Style Metal Separators automatically detect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals without process interruptions by separating contaminated materials from product flow. For HACCP safety, this detector is an efficient Critical Control Point (CCP) when detecting metal in any free-falling product.


The products below can be used in the Food, Powder & Bulk, and Grain & Milling Industries.

QuickTRON™ 07 RH (Round Housing)

QUICKTRON_07_RH-Metal Separator-Gravity Free-Fall-Bunting Magnetics Co-Newton, KSHigh hygienic metal separator for inspection of material in gravity free-fall applications. Fully automatic detection and rejection of metallic contaminants from the product stream without process interruption.

  • Patented powerLINE coil technology incorporates an integrated sensing tube into the coil construction, allowing for product flow closer to the coil for greater sensitivity.
  • Features 07 controls, the most advanced metal detection controls, delivering superior results with ease of use. Remote mounted controls available.
  • Integral inlet and outlet stubs with Jacob connections shield coil from environmental interferences delivering superior reliability and requires less vertical distance for installation.
  • Sanitary reject housing is designed for ease of cleaning. Reject flap removable without the use of tools.
  • Minimal loss of good material due to a fast reacting, powerful pneumatic drive for the reject gate.
  • CIP (Clean In Place) possible with insertion of sealing element making the unit ready to be cleaned with water.
  • Low-profile height to fit where minimal space is available.
  • ATEX (Explosion proof rating) hazardous environment rating available for Flap style unit.
Ideal for applications in the Food and Powder & Bulk


QuickTRON™ 05 (Flap or Cowbell Style Diverters)

Quicktron05A_foodUses CR coil for reliable detection and is cost effective for the examination of bulk material in gravity free-fall applications.

  • Flap option is recommended for powders, fine granular or dry products.
  • Cowbell option is recommended for abrasive, sticky or non-powdered products.
  • Simple 05 controls. Remote mounted controls available.
  • Stainless steel, washdown, or painted versions available.
  • Utility-grade and food-grade models are available.
  • ATEX (Explosion proof rating) hazardous environment rating available for Flap style unit.
Ideal for applications in the Plastics, Recycling, Powder & Bulk, Grain & Milling and Food Industries