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Light Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separator

Light Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separator-Bunting-Material Handling


Bunting Light Duty Magnetic Crossbelt Separators are designed to minimize weight and overall size to create a highly mobile, highly effective magnetic separation unit. They are designed for mounting on mobile shredders, cantilevered conveyors, and above shredder discharge conveyors, as they are primarily used in plastics recycling applications. Available with the same standard features as our larger units, these units are equipped with smaller, lighter weight pulleys and frames, optional hydraulic drives, and optional rare earth magnets.


• Lightweight design for extending out on discharge conveyors.

• Ceramic magnets are standard, optional high-intensity neodymium rare earth magnets available for lighter weight units with higher intensity magnetic fields.

• Optional end shields, guarding, and tramp metal chutes.

• Custom designed support structures.


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