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Suspension Magnets

Suspension Magnetic Separators

Bunting’s Permanent Suspension Magnets are designed to be positioned over equipment such as conveyor belts, vibratory feeders, and gravity chutes. These suspension magnetic separators utilize non-deteriorating, high power ceramic magnets to achieve superior extraction of tramp metal from material being processed on various types of equipment. Unlike electromagnetic units, these permanent suspension magnets require no wires or cables to operate.

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When the suspension magnetic separator is in place, it extracts ferrous contaminant material from the product stream and holds it against the face of its magnet until it is manually cleaned. Options to facilitate ease of cleaning, such as optional swipe arms and slider plates, are available. These add-ons assist in the cleaning process by making it so that operators do not have to touch the extracted tramp metal, improving facility safety as well as making cleaning easier.

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When installing suspension magnetic separators, the magnet is suspended above equipment using sling chains, and it is essential that these chains set the magnet face at the angle necessary for optimum extraction. All suspension magnets are fitted with a set of durable adjustable suspension chains that are attached to suspension lugs. Suspension magnets may be suspended either inclined over the head pulley or in a simple horizontal configuration. It is recommended that these magnets are installed over the head pulley to allow for improved extraction efficiency. This is because the absence of belt troughing allows the magnet to be positioned closer to the surface of the material being processed. If this configuration is used, however, the head pulley beneath the suspension magnet must be constructed of a non-ferrous material.

Compared to electromagnetic units, permanent suspension magnetic separators are overall less expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain. They offer the additional benefits of being corrosion and moisture resistant, as well as virtually flame proof. While a permanent suspension magnet cannot be re-positioned and demagnetized to facilitate the release of extracted tramp metal in the way that an electro suspension magnet can, cleaning is still simple and easy. A common installation technique is to suspend permanent suspension magnetic separators from a mobile cart so that they may be moved away from the conveyor to be manually cleaned.

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Typical applications for permanent suspension magnetic separators include removing tramp iron from:



-Recycled asphalt




-Other ores and similar materials


By removing ferrous metal contamination, permanent suspension magnetic separators protect processing machinery in your facility from being damaged and ensure you deliver your customers a product of the highest purity.



Protect your mineral processing with Bunting® Permanent Suspension Magnets

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