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Grain & Milling

Bunting: Superior Removal of Metals for the Grain and Milling Industry

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Bunting® Since 1979, Bunting’s company headquarters have been located in Newton, KS. We are a global company, with locations throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world, but since our headquarters are located in the heart of America’s breadbasket, we find ourselves especially close to the grain and milling industries that are of such great importance to this region—and the world. Grain and milling industries nourish the world with essential crops such as wheat, corn, barley, and more. Because these products are so essential, they must be free of harmful metal contamination for the safety of consumers as well as to protect the other manufacturing equipment in a grain and milling facility.

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Separation technology that protects equipment and reduces metal contamination.

When crops are harvested, there are many points of entry for metal contamination to enter the product stream. Metal contamination can take many forms, ranging from a broken piece of harvesting equipment, to a screw, or a tiny metal shaving. This is of great concern, as even the smallest metal shaving can have devastating consequences if it is allowed to travel undetected in a processing line and go on to cause damage to other equipment, such as roller or hammer mills.

Grain & Milling-Magnetic Separation-Metal Detection-Material Handling-Bunting-NewtonIf equipment is damaged, it can result in consequences ranging from more tiny metallic particles entering the product stream to an entire facility having to shut down if a key piece of processing equipment is irreparably damaged. The cost of repairs, replacement parts or equipment, and downtime can be devastating for a manufacturing facility. Similarly, if product reaches the consumer with metal contamination still present, the manufacturer’s brand reputation will be severely compromised, and manufacturers will often be met with costly recalls.

To combat metal contamination in the grain and milling industries, Bunting offers a wide range of magnetic separation and metal detection products. Our powerful magnetic separation equipment is able to capture and hold even the smallest of ferrous tramp metal, protecting your product purity as well as your equipment. Our metal detection equipment detects and rejects all ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, and stainless-steel metal contamination in your product flow. Additionally, Bunting offers an extensive catalog of material handling conveyors to assist you in efficiently transporting product throughout your facility.

At Bunting, we are committed to serving our customers in the grain and milling industries and seek to provide them with efficient, dependable magnetic separation and metal detection equipment. We are proud members of GEAPS and showcase and support IAOM chapters throughout the country. Bunting is proud to play a part in helping those in the grain and milling industries provide their customers with safe, high-quality products.

Now is a GREAT TIME to update your CRITICAL EQUIPMENT and SPARE PARTS. Successful detection and separation of metal will protect your processing equipment from damage, which saves your organization money and downtime.

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