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Gravity Free-Fall Style Metal Separators – Recycling and Plastics

Separate Metal in Gravity Free-Fall Applications for Recycling and Plastics

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Bunting has a full line of gravity style metal detectors that we have designed specifically for the needs of customers working in the recycling and plastics industries. Our gravity feed metal detectors automatically detect all ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel. Once metal contamination has been detected, Bunting’s gravity metal detectors swiftly reject the contaminated material and separate it out of your product stream. Our reject mechanisms are designed so that metal contamination will be thoroughly removed while minimizing loss of good product.

Bunting’s gravity feed metal detectors detect and reject metal contamination without process interruptions, so that your operations are efficient and dependable. Whether you are working in plastics manufacturing or plastics recycling, Bunting’s metal detectors will provide you with the highest standard of metal detection. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a high-quality end product that boasts an exceptional level of purity. A high-purity plastics product maintains your brand reputation and provides your customers with an optimal end product.

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Different Models-gravity feed metal detectors-Plastics-Recycling--metal separation-metal detection-Bunting-NewtonIn addition to benefitting your product integrity, Bunting’s gravity feed metal detectors protect the other equipment in your facility. If metal contamination is allowed to move through your production line, it can cause severe damage to equipment such as injection molding equipment, extruders, nozzles, grinders, or mixers. If equipment is damaged, not only will you be forced to spend a great deal of money in order to make necessary repairs, but you will also lose a great deal of profit as a result of downtime.

Protect your equipment, your profits, and your plastics purity with Bunting’s gravity style metal detectors for the recycling and plastics industry.

Gravity Free-Fall Metal Detectors


QuickTron Blue-gravity feed metal detectors-Plastics-Recycling--metal separation-metal detection-Bunting-NewtonquickTRON™ 03R

This low-cost, triple-coil detector offers superior sensitivity, simplicity, and reliability. The quickTRON™ 03R is specifically designed for demanding applications in the plastics and recycling industries.

Special Features:

• Consistently detects and rejects small fine materials that other metal detectors struggle to detect.

• Able to accurately detect contamination even within abrasive products.

• Handles detection and removal of fine metal contamination in critical processes.

• Housing controls are contained to eliminate risk of interference.

• High-speed stainless steel reject mechanics allow for economical, compact design.

• Units are fully self-monitoring.

• Integral brackets simplify mounting.

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quickTRON™ 05 (Flap or Cowbell Style Diverters)

Quicktron05A_food-gravity feed metal detectors-Plastics-Recycling--metal separation-metal detection-Bunting-NewtonThe quickTRON™ 05 uses a CR coil for reliable metal detection and is a cost effective option for the examination of bulk material in gravity free-fall applications.

Special Features:

• Flap option is recommended for powders, fine granular, or dry products.

• Cowbell option is recommended for abrasive, sticky or non-powdered products.

• Equipped with simple 05 controls. Remote mounted controls available.

• Stainless steel, washdown, or painted versions available to suit your operating needs.

• Food, and sanitary finishes available to fit your production safety regulations.

• ATEX explosion proof rating available, hazardous environment rating available for flap style unit.

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HS 9050/9100

HS9100-gravity feed metal detectors-Plastics-Recycling--metal separation-metal detection-Bunting-NewtonEntry-level, economical HS metal detection systems pneumatically reject isolated metal debris from powders, granules, and other bulk materials used in gravity-fed plastics and recycling applications.

Special Features:

• Economical, compact, and versatile.

• Adjustable sensitivity and rejection. Air-powered stainless steel flap offers rapid rejection cycling for cleaner results.

• Low-maintenance operation. HS detectors self-monitor their sensors, mechanical function, voltage, and air pressure.

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Choke Flow Metal Detectors


Machine Mounted All-Metal Separators (MMS)

mms-gravity feed metal detectors-Plastics-Recycling--metal separation-metal detection-Bunting-NewtonThe MMS provides efficient detection and rejection of ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel metal contaminants within all materials, whether loose or encapsulated, without process interruptions. The MMS is designed for mounting on an injection molding machine or extruder as a “last chance” metal detector. This type of detector, also available in a high-temperature rated model uses a pneumatic rejection mechanism to remove metal contaminants that were detected previously in the process flow.

Special Features:

• Designed especially for choke-feed applications, they can bolt directly to the infeed of processing equipment and support the weight of hoppers and bins.

• Fast pneumatic rejection mechanism, aided by precise timing, results in accurate cycling and conservation of good material.

• Slide gate rejection design eliminates contamination “leaks”.

• Available in a high-temperature version suitable for handling product at higher-than-normal temperatures (up to 350°).

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