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DragSlide Conveyors

Sealed DragSlide Conveyors for Plastic Film, Paper, and Fiber in the Recycling Industry.

DragSlide-conveyor-application3 DragSlide-conveyor-application1 DragSlide-conveyor-application2

Our DragSlide conveyors are totally enclosed and use UHMW drag flights in a chain conveyor design to move and convey material within a sealed conveyor for shredded plastic film on fiber eliminating static conveying lines. This makes for a much cleaner facility allowing you to use your employees for production versus clean-up maintenance.

•    Standard Heavy Duty Units or Larger Max Duty Units
•    Floor Supported or Mobile Bases
•    In-feed Hoppers designed to match up to Shredder discharges
•    Clear sight windows for viewing material flow
•    Optional Rare Earth Magnet in Discharge Chute
•    Optional Metal Detector in Discharge Chute



Hockey-Stick Style Inclined DragSlide Conveyor

Designed and built to match up to and fit up to Shredder discharge openings. These inclined conveyors can then elevate up to what ever elevation is desired or transfer to another conveyor or directly into an extruder.





Horizontal DragSlide Conveyors

These conveyors work well for conveying film or fiber materials from one point to another in long horizontal runs. They are great transfer conveyors for a system which is moving free flowing materials and will keep your floor and shop area clean and neat.



Dragslide Conveyor – Technical Specifications