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Sorting Table Conveyors

Conveyors for Municipal Recycling

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Sorting Table Conveyors can range from 10′ to 60′ long conveyors compete with elevated working mezzanines, stairs, drop chutes and belly rests. Most commonly used in the Municipal Recycling Industry but also used in the Plastic Bottle, E-Scrap and Metal Recycling.

Options on the sorting table conveyors include:


  • Belly rests along the sides of the conveyor for operator’s comfort.
  • Flat sliderbeds with short side guards and UHMW skirting for safety.
  • Slightly edged trough slider beds without side guards for easy sweep off of materials.
  • Drop chutes to lower Gaylord boxes or bulk bins.
  • E-Stop palm or full length e-stop cords for safety.
  • Stainless Steel sections for Magnetic Crossbelts and Neo Head Pulley discharges.
  • Low or elevated working mezzanines complete with stairs, railings, and/or kick plates.