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SSSC™ Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor™

SSSC™ Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor™

Magnetic Separation of Small to Large Sized Stainless Steel 1” to 5”


Discover the latest invention in stainless steel separation from Bunting® Magnetics Co. With the SSSC™ Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor™, you can hold, attract and extract irregular shaped paramagnetic work-hardened stainless steel – up to 4” to 5” in size – from your recycled metals or in copper wire application. Thanks to a patent-pending core design and a revolutionary configuration of high-intensity neodymium rare earth magnets, maximum separation of big pieces of work-hardened stainless steel – materials once thought impossible to separate – are now easily attracted and extracted for the purest product possible.





•    ASR Stainless Steel Separation / Zurik Purification

Magnetically pulls out stainess steel recovering from the Finder stream or purifying a

dirty zurik stream.

•    Appliance Recycling Stainless Separation

Magnetically recovering lost stainless steel to improve profitability

•    ICW Wire Separation / Wire Chopping Purification

Magnetically pulls out stainless steel to clean wire so it can be chopped or processed

by pulling stainless steel rom chopped wire for purification



•    8” pulley diameter to hold larger stainless steel fractions

•    Patented Neodymium Cross-Grid magnetic pulley pattern encased in stainless steel

•    2-ply urethane belt with 30mm flexwall and ½” v-guide cleats on 12” centers

•    60-120 fpm variable speed with VFD depending on application

•    Heavy duty formed 3/16” sideguard with flexwalled belt to seal off and contain flow

•    Heavy duty formed 3/16” frame with stainless steel frame at disc and forklift lifting slots for installation

•    ¾ to 2 hp 3ph 60hz motor

•    General capacities between 500-1000 lbs/per hour per foot width of conveyor on smaller and stainless and wire fractions. Capacities between 1,000-2,000 lbs/per hour on larger fractions


Optional Vibratory Feeder

•    Provides uniform single-layer feeding for maximum separation efficiency

•    Customizable width and length to match applications

•    Power supply and isolator designed to match flow requirements

•    Mild steel or stainless steel fabrication

•    Comes complete with controls and can be integrated into existing system




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