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Permanent Magnetic Conveyor Components

Easy Installation for Demanding Applications

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The wide selection of Bunting Permanent Magnetic Components includes everything you need to modify an existing system or design your own. Straight magnetic T-Rails, Curved Sections, and End Sections mount under your conveyor belt with bolt-in-place convenience. Magnetic Pulleys transfer ferrous material between horizontal and vertical belts. Decreasing-force Take-Off Rails increase material smoothly and gradually.

Our Permanent Magnetic Conveyor Components offer easy installation and years of trouble-free service in even the most demanding applications. For example, they can hold and move aerosol cans or other sealed containers through test bath operations.

Each component is available in a variety of sizes and magnetic strengths. We’ll design to your specifications or help you select what you need to build or improve your own material handling system.

Magnetic T-Rails and Plate Railst-rails

Provide an economical solution for those lighter applications that need a magnetic field to secure and stabilize parts both in the horizontal and vertical directions.Plate rails are available in both neo and ceramic to optimize parts handling parts handling effectiveness relative to application.


Magnetic T-Rails Specs1 Magnetic Plate Rails1



Magnetic_PulleysMagnetic Pulleys

Used at the end of your conveyor to turn ferrous cans and parts over, change directions or separate out ferrous from non-ferrous materials.





UpstackerMagnetic Up-Stacking Pulleys

Used to take a horizontal flow or stream of lids which are driven into the pulley – turn them up on their edge – and magnetically drive them into a sleeve to feed a machine in a filling station.




Drive-RollersMagnetic Drive Rollers and Drive Roller Assemblies

Engineered for trouble-free, efficient handling of sheet stock ranging from .010” tin plate to over ¼” thick sheet stock.