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Medium Frame Conveyors

Handle Parts in Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Applications

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Bunting Medium Frame Conveyors provide a rugged smaller framed conveyor for handling parts, assemblies or scrap in both Non-magnetic and Magnetic applications. These conveyors fit into those tough tight fitting applications where space is limited for larger bulky conveyors. Their frames are only 3 1/2″ thick and only 2 3/4″ wider than their conveyor belts but their robust steel welded rugged construction can handle a broad range of tough jobs. These conveyors are an ideal economical solution for pulling parts out of a machine, conveying parts down long trunk lines, or controlled feeding of parts or sheets into press applications.

Simplicity of Design

The very economical Medium Frame Conveyors come with either adjustable fixed supports or a mobile base for portable applications, most of which are used as horizontal transfer conveyors. Bunting Engineers can add a magnetic element to stabilize ferrous parts, maintain product spacing or hold a part down through a buffing or de-burring process. They can be used as a short transfer conveyor between two machines or long trunk lines through your plant. But the design and pricing provides the customer a beneficial solution to horizontal transfer conveyors. From this, you will have a custom engineered material handling solution at an affordable price designed specifically for your application.

Medium-Frame-Conveyor-horizontalHorizontal Medium Frame Conveyors

  • Available in a variety of horizontal and inclined shapes and sizes.
  • Could be combined with an assortment of magnetic rail options, belts, side guards, supports, drive and control options.
  • Tough rubber vulcanized pulleys on precision bearings to handle heavy loads on conveyors from 2’ long to 100’ long.
  • If magnetic stability and spacing is needed, these medium framed conveyors are matched with one of our many permanent magnetic Ceramic or Neo Rare Earth rails to properly hold and conveyor your specific parts.
  • Available for use in inverted magnetic transfer conveyors for transferring ferrous parts from one conveyor to the next by using an overhead magnetic conveyor.

Medium-Frame-Conveyor-inclinedInclined Medium Frame Conveyors

  • Available in either straight inclined or nose-over incline units.
  • Offering economical compact frames for those tight fitting applications where parts need to be conveyed from one operation to another or up into an orientation bowl or feeder hopper.
  • Rugged framed conveyor have portability and are adjustable.
  • Adjustable mobile bases are designed for your application – whether you need manual adjustable supports, screw ratchets or hydraulic jacks, you have the flexibility to move these conveyors between machines or applications.

Medium-Frame-Conveyor-verticalVertical Medium Frame Conveyors

  • An excellent economical elevator conveyor to convey parts up and out of a hopper up into a orientation bowl or a machine in-feed hopper.
  • Small hoppers from ½ to 4 cubic feet can be designed and provided for free flowing parts or vibratory feeder trays that can then be magnetically conveyed up vertically to save floor space with a variety of magnetic rails.
  • Provides a controlled flow or spacing of parts without product damage.
  • Sample products are welcomed for our engineers to test in our lab for the proper design for your application.




Medium Frame Conveyors – Technical Specifications