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FF Series Drawer Magnets

FF Series Drawer Magnets for Superior Contaminant Capture

Our FF Series Drawers come standard with super-strong Neodymium Rare Earth magnets powerful enough to capture and hold ferrous particulates so small that may not be visible to the naked eye. NEO magnets have exceptional surface holding force for more complete removal of contaminants and less chance of “wipe-off.” All FF Drawer Magnets are for gravity free-fall style magnetic separation applications.


Product Features:

FF Drawer magnet

  • Temperature-compensated, Rare Earth magnets for superior high temperature operation.
  • Built out of rugged 11-gauge stainless steel housing built to support symmetrical compression loads of 10,000 pounds.
  • The drawer gasket is cut from Ethylene Propylene Diene (EPDM), resisting heat aging and compression set and offers much greater durability than sponge rubber.
  • Units are built with welded stainless steel housings for easy cleaning and durability.
  • High-torque nylon knobs resist breakage.
  • Stainless steel center drawer guide makes removal and re-installation of the magnet drawer quick and easy, for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Most powdered colorants and resins slide off without sticking.
  • Superior cartridge geometry increases reach-out and holding power.
  • Robust construction prolongs cartridge life.


Drawer Magnet Options:


      1. Patented No-Spill™ Slide Gate completely and positively shuts off product flow so you don’t have to worry about product spillage creating a mess or safety hazard when you remove the drawer for cleaning.
      2. Purge Hopper speeds clean out of your equipment when changing color or compound – without sacrificing magnetic protection or requiring that you empty your hopper.
      3. Dump Tube lets you completely empty the drawer housing and material hopper of plastic after a run has been completed.
      4. Liquid Port allows you to inject liquid color additive into the resin. The port can also be used to hold a temperature probe.
      5. Powder Seal Kit provides a compression seal around the Slide Gate to help prevent powdery materials from leaking. Order as original equipment or retrofit on site.





Self-Cleaning Drawer Magnets (Manual and Pneumatic)

FF-MSC-drawerThese drawer magnets have extra-long magnetic cartridges that fit inside stainless steel sleeves. Tramp metal collects on the sleeve surfaces and falls from the sleeves when they are pulled clear of the magnetic cartridges. No wiping or brushing is required. To clean these units, remove the drawer assembly and pull the magnetic cartridge out of the sleeves away from your processing equipment. Feature easy cleaning with one smooth motion, resulting in less good product loss.

  • Features High-Temp Rare Earth magnets.
  • Welded stainless steel housing for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Detachable tramp tray alleviates messy cleanups and spills.
  • Pneumatic self-cleaning also available with control packages for hard to reach installations.
  • Top slide gate and bottom transition are custom made to fit your requirements.


Powder FF Drawer Magnets for Fine-Grained Resins

This drawer is a modification of the Neo FF Series designed to solve the problem of separating ferrous metal contaminants from fine-grained PVC and other powdery materials while preventing product from escaping from the separator. The clear polycarbonate drawer front has leak-resistant seals and permits monitoring material flow and tramp iron accumulation.

The drawer magnets redesigned housing has been engineered to provide superior strength to bear the weight of in-feed hoppers and other processing components. We grind the inside of the housing smooth to facilitate cleaning and prevent powdered colorants and resins from clinging to the interior surfaces. The unit also features a slide gate that is completely enclosed within the housing so that any powders that cling to the slide gate will be redirected back into the product flow.


Low-Profile Drawer Magnets

Ff-Drawer-Low-ProfileWhen headroom is severely limited, this design provides protection with only 5 11/16” overall height requirements. Standard features include a single row of High-Intensity Rare Earth magnets, clear polycarbonate drawer front and 10-gauge mild steel construction. Available in stainless steel and with an optional No-Spill Slide Gate. Rugged ¼” thick flanges can be pre-drilled to your specifications.



FFV Drawer Magnet

Ff-Drawer-FFVSpecifically designed for small volume, and closed-loop applications. These “Just-in-Time” systems dry resin at a central point and then convey small amounts to the molding machine. FFV Drawer Magnets mount on the throat of the plastic molding machine and are equipped with an O-Ring seal at the drawer front to prevent air leaks. The powerful magnetic cartridges can be pulled out of the housing for easy cleaning. Top and bottom flanges are built to your requirements.

  • FFV Drawer Magnets are manufactured to withstand pressures up to 15 in-hg without leaking.
  • The drawer front is 1/2” thick, clear polycarbonate for strength and easy monitoring of the resin flow and tramp metal collection.
  • Most compact housing measures just 3″ x 3″ and has a maximum inlet diameter of 2″ with a maximum outlet diameter of 1 3/4″.
  • Larger 4″ x 4″ units are also offered.
  • Mild and 13-gauge 304 stainless steel housings are available.
  • Units can be ordered with single or double high energy Rare Earth Magnetic Cartridges.
  • Models with two high-energy Rare Earth Magnetic Cartridges can handle applications where extremely small fines or weakly magnetic contaminants are encountered.



FF Drawer Magnet – Technical Specifications



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