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ElectroMax Air Cooled Crossbelt Magnetic Separator

The Bunting ElectroMax Overband Magnetic Separator is
185% Stronger and 25% Lighter than equivalent permanent overband magnets

ElectroMax Air Cooled Crossbelt Magnetic Separator-Bunting-Newton-Material-Handling


Used for applications in the Recycling and Aggregate, Minerals and Mining Industries

Bunting’s new ElectroMax Air Cooled Crossbelt Magnetic Separator is 185% stronger and 25% lighter than equivalent permanent crossbelt magnets. The ElectroMax provides customers with a smaller, lighter, and more compact system without any compromise in separation performance. This low profile, air cooled electromagnetic conveyor pulley meets the ever-increasing demand for high-powered, light, and compact electro magnets.

The ElectroMax is ideally suited for any application where there are weight and size suspension limitations. It provides additional magnetic power for more difficult tramp metal separation applications, achieving a boosted separation force while still remaining compact and light. The electromagnetic coil produces a high gradient magnetic field that is up to 250% more powerful than comparable equipment. This enables the removal and separation of smaller and more challenging shapes of iron contaminants often missed by other magnetic separation systems. The additional magnetic strength also aids the lifting and removal of heavier tramp ferrous metals. For customers in industries such as the mobile crusher market, these traits are particularly desirable.


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Bunting’s ElectroMax is designed to deliver high power in a small package. Compared to other pieces of equipment that use four pulleys, the ElectroMax uses only two pulleys. By employing a dual-pulley system to drive the ElectroMax’s self-cleaning belt, the overall weight and size of the ElectroMax is significantly reduced. The electromagnet of the ElectroMax emits a high gradient magnetic field that enables the recovery of even the smallest iron contaminants. This powerful magnetic field also facilitates the lifting of heavier tramp metals.

Benefits of the ElectroMax:

• Durable construction ensures longevity of equipment and keeps maintenance to a minimum.
• Dual-pulley system drives self-cleaning belt, reducing overall weight and size of equipment.
• Air cooling system eliminates need for any oil or expansion tanks.
• Switching off power to the ElectroMax deactivates its magnetic field, allowing for easier, more convenient maintenance in between operations.
• Four standard models are designed for suspension at a height of 18” over conveyors with widths of 1, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.5 meters across your transfer material belts.
• Low-profile design ensures the ElectroMax takes up no more space than any equivalent permanent magnet system.
• Average comparisons between the new range of ElectroMax equipment and the permanent crossbelt equivalents show a 185% increase in magnetic power intensity matched by a weight reduction of 25%.
• Lightweight construction makes the ElectroMax ideal for mobile machinery installations.
• Powerful electromagnets have a higher magnetic gradient than permanent magnets and allow for superior capture of contaminant material.