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Parts Retrieval Conveyors

De-burring Steel Sheet Metal

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Bunting Magnetic Parts Retrieval Conveyors are designed for any company that uses de-burring bowls to de-bur steel sheet metal stamped or machine parts. Ideal for the Metal Stamping and Machining Industry, they are an excellent way to retrieve parts from out of a de-burring bowl and separate them from the de-burring media.


Operational Flexibility

Our Parts Retrieval Conveyors are ideal for removing ferrous parts from de-burring and finishing vibratory bowls. Permanent magnetic head pulleys reach deep into bowls and “grab” ferrous parts out of the de-burring media. The permanent magnetic conveyor takes the ferrous parts and conveys them up and over the bowl rim. Then it discharges the parts into a bin or tote. Plate or Loop Demagnetizers can be installed in the conveyor frame itself before the part is discharged or in a discharge chute.

Conveyor Options

This type of conveyor can be manufactured in a more economical manual adjustable unit as seen at the top or more automated with screw actuators that raise, lower and tilt the unit with a push button controller. These conveyors come with a mobile base to easily move the unit between multiple bowls.