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Available Electronics

The Most Advanced Metal Detector Controls Delivering Superior Results With Ease Of Use

Our metal detectors and metal separators are equipped with 1 of 3 different electronics. The metal detector controls are specific to the system type and application needs.

07_electronics07 Electronics

•     Easy to use color touch screen.
•     Dual entry user access for added security.
•     Automatic product learning, stores up to 1,000 unique products.
•     USB interface for simple data exchange of backup, updates and quality control logs.
•     Compliant with quality surveillance rules according to HACCP, IFS, BRC, and SQF.
•     imagePHASE™ revolutionary product imaging software delivers improved sensitivity and superior learning in difficult product applications
•     multiMODE™ dual frequency allows the operator to process a wider range of items through the detector with ease. For example, from fresh to frozen at the push of a button.
•     Force test, for validation that metal detector is working using alarm system
•     Variety of configurations available due to network enabled system components. These possibilities include remote monitoring and control via Ethernet.
•     Comes XML ready allowing you to integrate other processing equipment.


AMD-5.205 Electronics

•     Automatic product learning, stores up to 200 unique products utilizing SD card.
•     SD card interface for simple data exchange of back-up, updates and quality control logs.
•     Touch Panel Control option offers easy to understand menus and fast access to all operating parameters to simplify setup and operation.
•     Built-in Product-Effect Compensation eliminates false rejects.
•     Noise suppression eliminates the effects of electronic interference.
•     Self-Monitoring System warns if any components are not functioning properly.


AMD-03-Control03 Electronics

•     Compact and easy to use controls
•     User selected sensitivities and reject parameters
•     Ability to compensate for product effect
•     Standard self-diagnostics system
•     Used in the Plastics Industry


mesuNET™ Multilink Network

MesuNET1-Bunting Magnetics

The mesuNET™ has been specially designed to control a network comprising of several Bunting detectors. Through the use of mesuNET™ you can access and edit all setting variables for each of your detectors from just one computer.