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Mattop Belted Conveyors

Simple Belted Conveyor for Part Transfer in Washdown Applications

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These simple Belted Conveyors can be either horizontal or inclined. They are easily combined with magnetic rails to stabilize cans or convey cans as seen in our Magnetic Washdown Can Conveyor section. These conveyors range from 4″ to 60″ wide and from 2′ to 200′ long and are commonly used to pulling large plastic parts from under presses to long trunk lines in the Plastic Industry.

Mattop Belted Conveyors


Mattop Conveyors are usually designed for specific applications where the smooth top surface of a mattop belt has advantages over a fabric belted conveyor. They are easier to slide parts across the belt and are better for accumulation applications.

They are also a preferred belting material for washdown applications in the food industry where regular high pressure washdown is required. Another advantage of mattop conveyor belts is that when a section can be very easily added and replaced by pulling a couple belt pins without replacing the whole belt. They are available in smooth flat top solid, flush grid, perforated, grip topped, cleated and side walled belts.