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Magnetic Liquid Traps Keep Orange Juice Safe

CR-MLT and Citrus-Magnetic Liquid Traps Keep Orange Juice Safe-Magnetic Liquid Traps-Bunting Magnetics-Newton, KS

Citrus juice producers around the world are finding a better way of keeping orange juice free from harmful metal contaminants. In the last 18 months, Bunting Magnetics Co. has manufactured and sold 15 of our magnetic liquid traps to citrus producers in Spain. The progress that Bunting Europe is making in this market is exciting. It’s a testament to the innovative line of magnetic separation products that Bunting Magnetics Co. is known for throughout the world. Our newest product in North America, the Corrosive-Resistant Liquid Trap, was recently showcased in October 2018 at Pack Expo International in Chicago. This magnetic liquid trap is especially made to handle acidic foods, and remove fine iron from citrus juices. The Corrosive-Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap has a much higher resistance to levels of acidity, which means it’s far less susceptible to damage than other applications. Keeping orange juice safe to drink and protecting your valuable investment? That’s what we call a “win-win” situation.

The Bunting Corrosive-Resistant Magnetic Liquid Trap is Your Solution for Products with High Acidity

How Do Metal Contaminants Enter Citrus Products?

Fine irons and stainless steel are common contaminants found in food processes. While it’s sometimes difficult to determine the source of the contamination, there are several ways that these hazardous metals can enter the system:

  • Harvest –Dirt often has a magnetic constituent, which is transferred to the fruit’s surface during harvest.
  • Transportation – Despite the use of plastic containers to store the fruit, the transport itself can spread metal contamination through rust, metal, dust, and dirt.
  • Processing – When juice is extracted from oranges or grapefruits, there are several stages where the fruit is sliced and compressed. Metal contamination can occur when this equipment is worn down.

Getting Rid of Metal Contaminants

High-strength magnets are needed to remove fine metal contamination from juices and liquids. Neodymium Rare Earth magnets are used in Bunting Magnetic Liquid Traps to capture magnetic debris, such as work-hardened 300 series stainless-steel fragments. Maximum contact is made between the juices and the magnetic fields by forcing liquids through a tightly spaced grid of magnets. The powerful rare earth magnet design is held firmly on the surface of the tube magnets to magnetically extract ferrous contamination from the liquid flow.

However, fruit juices contain very high levels of acidity, which can corrode and damage equipment. “Over time, acidic foods and cleaning solutions cause pitting and other damage to the equipment. This means downtime during peak production in order to replace parts,” explains Rod Henricks, Director of Sales.

Processors in the produce industry needed a stronger, safer, longer-lasting liquid trap that didn’t require constant replacements. This is why Bunting Magnetics Co. created the Corrosive-Resistant Liquid Trap. It has a much higher resistance to chloride pitting, crevice, and stress-cracking corrosion. The CR-MLT is better equipped to handle highly acidic foods such as tomato paste, ketchup, vinegar-based products, and citrus products like orange juice.  The Corrosive-Resistant Liquid Trap utilizes high-intensity neodymium 45SH magnets that are temperature-compensated, in order to capture metal contamination in orange juice and other citrus liquids.

For more information about which magnetic liquid traps are best for your application, please contact Bunting Magnetics Co. to speak with a sales representative. We look forward to discussing the unique needs of your business, and helping you find a magnetic separation product that helps you succeed!