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Electro Overband Magnet Removes Metal from Copper Ore

The photograph shows a large self-cleaning Electro Overband Magnet packed and ready for shipment to a copper ore mine in Bulgaria. This is the third Electro Overband Magnet purchased by the mine to remove tramp ferrous metal from the crushed ore.

Two Master Magnets Electro Overband Magnets in the final stages of manufacture


The mine is installing the Electro Overband Magnet to remove tramp ferrous metal from conveyed chalcopyrite ore (copper iron sulphide mineral CuFeS2). Chalcopyrite is the most important copper ore with the largest reserves occurring in Canada and South Australia. The Magnet is positioned across an 800mm wide conveyor belt running at 1m/sec carrying 400 tph of ore. A magnetic field is generated by a large coil and projected down into the conveyed ore. Any tramp ferrous metal held within the ore is attracted by the magnetic field, lifted off the conveyor belt, through the burden of material, and onto the face of the magnet. A rotating heavy duty rubber belt with deflectors, then moves the separated metal away from the conveyor and deposits it in a waste collection area. If left in the ore, the tramp ferrous metal causes damage to crushers, conveyors and screens.

The Magnets

Master Magnets Electro Overband Magnet packed and ready for shipment

The latest Electro Overband Magnet is a model 60OCW20. The model of Electro Overband Magnet was selected using a bespoke selection program that takes into account a number of application variables including the burden depth, throughput, material density, ambient temperature, conveyor belt speed, and the separation objective. Once these are assessed, either one of over 300 Electro Overband Magnet designs are identified as being suitable or a bespoke design can be developed.

The model 60OCW20 weighs over 1.5 metric tons with the 3,385 watt electromagnetic coil being cooled by oil. The mine previously purchased two Electro Overband Magnets in 2013: a model 110CW35 (weighing over 5 metric tons) and 950CW40 (weighing over 5.2 metric tons). All the Electro Overband Magnets are designed and manufactured at the Master Magnets headquarters in Redditch, UK.

Export Success

This is the latest shipment of Magnetic Separators to overseas customers.

“Master Magnets has a very strong reputation in the global mining industry and we are recognized as only one of a few magnetic separator suppliers who have vast experience of designing and manufacturing equipment that can survive in the arduous environment of a mining operation,” explained Jonathan Millington, Master Magnets Marketing Manager.


For additional information on any size of Electro Suspension Magnet or Permanent Overband Magnet in the United States or Canada, please contact:

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