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Medium Duty MagSlide Conveyor

Medium Duty MagSlide Conveyor-Bunting-Newton


Already Built and Ready to Ship! Short Lead Time!

Special Offer: This Medium Duty MagSlide Conveyor features neodymium magnets on 48” centers. Built for difficult applications that require moving long strips. The great news is that it’s built and ready to go. Lead time is only a few days as is — or a couple weeks if additional magnets are needed. Great opportunity for customers who  need an MSM now! In its current configuration, we can move this for about $20k. Any additional magnets or modifications will be additional. This is a perfect configuration for many applications: Metal Stamping, Auto Industry, Canning, Appliances Manufacturing, Milling, Lathes, Drilling, Punching, and Hardware Manufacturing.

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Special Features:

  • Mobile base with locking casters for a 48-1/8″ discharge elevation.
  • Medium Duty Magnetic 75° z-style MagSlide Conveyor with a 4-1/2″ deep x 15″ wide frame.
  • 60″ long horizontal infeed with an upturn for a 48-1/8″ base to discharge height at 75° 
  • 24″ long horizontal top noseover section.
  • Includes a painted mild steel frame and a 3/16″ thick Type 304 stainless steel sliderbed.
  • Sideguides: 6″ tall Type 304 stainless steel sideguides.
  • Drive: RH mounted 2 hp, 230/460 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz motor with a hollow shaft right angle reducer to provide 60 fpm.

Magnet Specs:

  • Standard duty ultra high strength Neodymium magnetic elements on 48″ centers.
  • Attached to #60 RC roller chain supported by machined UHMW plastic guides on both carrying and return slides.


MSM Technical Specifications



All of Bunting’s MagSlide® Conveyors feature:

• Rugged construction allows conveyors to handle the toughest jobs with ease.

• No need for labor-intensive supervision, as there are no external moving parts to fail and compromise productivity and worker safety.

• Maintenance is minimal, and except for the electric motor, all moving parts are totally enclosed.

• MagSlide® configurations include horizontal, incline, and angled models with fixed and mobile bases plus hoppers, tanks, impact plates, and other options.

• Continuous chain lubrication with oil-impregnated UHMWPE SlideTrack™ and oil ports to allow extended chain service.

• Oil ports to allow extended chain service.

• High-energy Ceramic or Rare Earth Magnets implemented based on your application needs.

• Durable stainless steel slider beds with optional manganese add-on.

• Sealed precision drive and take-up bearings.

• Designed with 3-D solid-model technology and precision manufactured on CNC machines.

• Optional submersible housings available.


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Medium Duty MagSlide Conveyor2-Bunting-Newton