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Winners of the Bunting Memorial Scholarship announced

The Bunting Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded over $90,000 in scholarships since its inception

NEWTON, KS – As students begin to make college and vocational training plans for the fall, Bunting® Magnetics Co. today announced fifteen students have been selected to receive 2018-2019 scholarships in memory of the company’s founders.

The Walter F. & June A. Bunting Memorial Scholarships are awarded to college-age children of the company’s worldwide employees who seek higher education, either through college or vocational training. This year, fifteen recipients will receive $500, which can be used for tuition and related expenses. Since the fund’s inception in 2000, it has awarded over $90,000 in scholarships.

2018-2019 Recipients

Cason E. Berschauer
Maggie G. Brown
Gabrielle Castaneda
Robert A. Castaneda
Brittany M. Clark
Max A. Wiens-Evangelista
Brandon M. Guilles
Cole C. Hansen
Michaela L. Hansen
Ashleigh C. Pulaski
Thomas G. Scott
Paige N. Suholaski
Olivia RM. Wagner
Sophia RM. Wagner
Joseph D. Wilks

“Higher education was very important to my parents,” said Bob Bunting, President, Bunting Magnetics Co. “All of these students have wonderful drive and commitment to their education. They are the future leaders in our communities and businesses. Bunting Magnetics is excited to support their pursuit of education and exploration of their career paths.”