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N42 Neodymium Disc Prices Reduced Up To 80%

More Power, More Savings

N42 Neodymium Disc Prices Reduced Up To 80%

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets in the world and N42 is one of the most popular strengths. Also called NdFeB (for Neodymium-Iron-Boron), these magnets exert very high forces and attract each other through very large distances. Neodymium also resists demagnetization, making them ideal for repulsion applications. Now, these permanent magnets get a permanent price reduction of up to 80%, making your go-to, online source for N42 Neodymium Discs.

Ideal Applications: 



Sensors & Switches



Lighting Displays

Door Closers




Diameter ranges from .120 to 1.50 inches

Thickness from .060 to 2.00 inches

Holding force up to 130lbs

Nickel plated to resist corrosion

Available in any quantity for same day shipping



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