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Make More Money with Bunting Stainless Steel Conveyors

Bunting SSSC- Make More Money with the SSSC Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor-Bunting Newton-Material Handling-Magnetic Separation

by Veronica Zuccarello


Bunting’s patented SSSC® Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor maximizes your stainless steel recovery and removal in auto shredding and wire chopping streams. The SSSC allows you to recover up to 98% of small and mid-fraction 300 series stainless steel and up to 94% of large fraction stainless steel from ASR zurik lines. You’ll achieve maximum removal of stainless steel and ferrous dust from wire fraction.


The SSSC® Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor provides you with the purest zurik, maximizing your scrap metal recovery profitability.


There are multiple high-profit applications that the SSSC® Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor can be utilized in. For example, in appliance recycling, the SSSC allows you to magnetically recover lost stainless steel to improve profitability. In auto shredding recycling, the SSSC magnetically pulls out stainless steel from the finder stream in addition to recovering stainless steel from mid to large fractions. This improves purity for domestic sales and can drastically increase your overall profitability. The SSSC is also of high value in wire-cleaning applications, as it magnetically pulls out stainless steel and ferrous dirt to reduce knife damage while increasing throughput and profitability. The SSSC is an investment that will give you an exceptionally high return, regardless of what industry you are utilizing it in.


In the greater recycling industry, product purity is of the utmost concern, and is directly related to profitability. Higher product purity results in greater profit. Product with too much contamination can sometimes leave you walking away with no profit at all.


Imagine you’re sitting down at a restaurant to eat some fried chicken wings. Suddenly, you feel yourself bite down on something that’s definitely not chicken. You spit out your mouthful of food and discover, to your horror, the item you were just chewing on was a deep-fried dishrag! You check the rest of the meal to make sure that the rest of the chicken is actually chicken, and fortunately, only the single “wing” out of the 10 total wings you ordered was defective. That’s not so bad, right? Most of your meal was exactly what you ordered, so you’ll of course be happy paying full price, writing the restaurant a great review, and returning next week, right? It’s not likely.


Scrap companies approach contaminated materials the same way. Even though most of your meal was satisfactory, the presence of just one inappropriate item ruined your entire dining experience, and likely left you unwilling to pay full price or return to that restaurant again. If you try and sell a “dirty load” of stainless steel with just a little bit of ferrous contamination, your load will be “downgraded.” Within the industry, downgrading refers to paying for the least valuable commodity in the entire load. If your load is mostly stainless steel with just a few chunks of contaminant ferrous metal, you won’t be paid based on your high-value stainless steel, but rather, whatever junk snuck its way into your otherwise clean load. You wouldn’t pay for a contaminated meal, and scrap companies aren’t going to pay for contaminated loads of material.


The SSSC® Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor is the only product available in the modern recycling market that allows you to reach such high recovery levels. Recovering up to 98% of small and mid-fraction 300 series stainless steel and up to 94% of large fraction stainless steel leaves you with far more usable material and far greater profitability. The SSSC accomplishes these levels of separation using a patented magnetic circuit design of high-intensity neodymium magnets. Our engineers designed and fine-tuned the SSSC utilizing finite element analysis and design software technology as well as Bunting’s extensive on-site testing facilities.


Bunting has on-site testing facilities that allow you to see how your specific material load interacts with our SSSC in real time. You can send a sample of material for our engineers to extensively test, or you can visit our test facilities and work alongside our engineers to test your material on our machines with your own hands. If you send material to our facility, our engineers provide you with extensive data regarding your material performance, including videos, photographs, and written analysis for every step of the testing process. You don’t need to simply take our word that the SSSC can improve your operations—you can see the results for yourself.


The SSSC has multiple features designed to streamline your operations and maximize your separation efficiency. The SSSC® Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor has 8” and 12” diameter patented high intensity neo magnetic circuit head pulleys built into its design, capable of holding 300 series stainless steel of all sizes. The VFD controllers operate between 30 and 120 fpm to provide effective separation, with general capacities running about 1,000 #/hr/ft width on small fraction, 1,500 #/hr/ft on mid-fraction, and 2,000 #/hr/ft on large fraction. In addition to its standard features, options including a patented air knife, discharge hood, and vibratory feeder can be added. The air knife is a particularly popular option, as it gently blows ferrous foam, dust, and cloth from material in order to provide an additional level of purity to the stainless steel stream.


The SSSC® Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor provides a level of separation that other equipment simply cannot achieve. With scrap companies becoming more and more stringent in terms of downgrading dirty loads, you can’t afford to risk contamination hurting your profits. Instead, maximize your purity and profitability by integrating the Bunting SSSC into your facility. Our engineers will work with you to test your material and show you exactly how it will interact with the SSSC, and can make custom modifications to the design of the SSSC to specifically fit your production line.


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