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Magnetic Separation is the Key Ingredient to a Perfect Cup of Coffee

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by Veronica Zuccarello

For many people, the morning simply can’t begin unless they’ve first enjoyed a hot cup of coffee. Whether the cup contains a light roast or dark roast, whether it’s a strong espresso or a sweet latte, whether the drink is served ice cold or piping hot, one thing remains constant—the coffee beans that are the source of so many different types delicious beverages. When processing coffee beans, magnetic separation equipment is used to remove harmful metal contamination. While many people never think about how coffee is made—the most important thing is that it’s hot and in their cup—magnetic separation equipment is the key to making sure you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

Where Does Coffee Come From?

Coffee beans are native to Africa, with Arabica coffee, the most popular type of coffee bean, originating in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. Today, Arabica coffee is cultivated in Latin America, Central and East Africa, India, and Indonesia. Its close cousin, Robusta coffee, originated in western and central Sub-Saharan Africa, and is now grown throughout Southeast Asia, West and Central Africa, and Brazil. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee beans, producing over 5 billion pounds of coffee every year. Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia stand by Brazil as the world’s leaders in growing and producing coffee.

One of the key steps in the coffee production process is making sure that coffee beans are free of metal at every step of the process. When raw coffee beans arrive from their country of origin, there may be metal or other debris mixed in with them as a result of the harvesting process. To remove this metal, processors may place grate magnets in the production line so that this harmful metal contamination is removed before the beans are roasted.

Magnetic Separation in Coffee Production

Espresso Coffee-Magnetic Separation-Coffee Production-Bunting-Elk Grove Village-BuymagnetsMagnetic separation equipment like grate magnets may also be placed in the production line right before a grinder, so that grinding equipment is protected from the damage that metal contamination can cause. If a stray piece of metal was allowed to pass through a grinder, it could severely damage the blades that are meant to grind coffee—slowing down or even halting production as equipment would be forced to undergo repairs. Magnetic separation equipment is also frequently placed at the end of the production process, just prior to coffee being placed in a bag, K-Cup, or tin that a customer will then purchase.

No one wants their morning coffee to be ruined by metal contamination—that’s why our online store supplies coffee manufacturers with magnetic separation equipment to protect their product and manufacturing equipment. To learn more about Bunting grate magnets and other magnetic separation equipment Contact us today.


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