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Beat the Heat with High-Temp FF350 Drawer Magnets

FF350-Beat the Heat with High-Temp FF350 Drawer Magnets-Bunting-Newton


Magnetic Separation for High Temperature Applications


by Veronica Zuccarello

If you are drying hygroscopic resins at high temperatures (225° – 300+° F) just before using, your magnetic ferrous protection may be letting you down. Rare earth magnets begin losing their magnetic strength at temperatures above 225° and the loss in strength becomes permanent at temperatures above 280°F. Only the BUNTING® FF350 is specifically designed to operate at temperatures up to 350° with no loss of magnetism. Don’t let high-temperatures cook your magnetic protection. Protect your equipment from ferrous contaminants with a BUNTING FF350 High-Temp Drawer Magnet.

Modern day applications in the plastics industry are continually growing to require high operating temperatures in order to create new, cutting-edge products. Using magnetic separation technology in such environments can be a challenge, as all magnets have a certain upper limit in terms of what temperature they are capable of handling before becoming demagnetized. Demagnetization is a massive concern because a magnet that is completely or even partially demagnetized cannot efficiently separate ferrous contaminants from the product flow. To address this concern, Bunting developed the High-Temp FF Drawer Magnet, named the FF350.

The FF350, as its name suggests, is a new model in Bunting’s popular FF series drawer magnet product line that is capable of performing at temperatures of up to 350 degrees inside the drawer. The main feature of the FF350 is the rare earth magnets it is outfitted with, which are capable of handling high material temperatures without the risk of demagnetizing and losing functionality. Other features of the FF350 are updates to design details such as the Lexan front plate and plastic knobs on the front of the drawer. Every piece of the FF350 is designed to achieve longevity and exceptional performance at high temperatures.

The FF350 Drawer Magnet is an excellent fit for any plastic molding or extrusion application

In many modern plastic applications, material is being dried at higher temperatures in order to improve the molding process. The drawer is typically placed at the opening of the molding machine in the facility, where it handles resin that has been dried or pre-heated above 300 degrees. Allowing resin or other plastic material to pass through the FF350 ensures that ferrous metal impurities will be removed from the material before it enters other equipment. This not only protects the other equipment in your facility from potential damage, but also increases the purity of your plastic material.

Investing in the FF350 is simple and affordable. The fact that the FF350 is a new addition to the existing FF series drawer magnet line means that you can purchase the drawers and accessories independently to complement any existing housing you may have, as the design is the same as the standard FF drawer. If you are buying the FF350 as your first piece of Bunting equipment, you can rely on our 60 years of experience in the industry, as well as our warranty packages, custom design options, and exceptional customer service.

Our FF350 drawer magnets are a popular, high demand product, and our manufacturing facility reflects that. Bunting has a dedicated manufacturing space solely for FF Drawer Magnets, allowing a custom designed drawer to be shipped to you in less than ten days. We also offer stocked options available for immediate shipping. For fast turnaround and a product that will seamlessly integrate into your facility, you can rely on Bunting.

The FF350 is an innovative product designed to meet modern challenges in the plastics industry. To learn more about the FF350 and how it can improve your operations, Contact a Bunting sales representative today.