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42 In-Line Magnets Ensure Baby Food Is Metal Free

Magnetic Separators Remove Metal During Baby Food Production

A Baby Food producer based in Germany has purchased another 14 In-Line Magnetic Separators from Bunting Magnetics Europe, a Bunting Magnetics Co., to guarantee a metal-free product. The latest 14 In-Line Magnetic Separators are in addition to 28 already supplied and installed as they equip their food manufacturing plants across Europe.

In-Line Magnetic Separators are designed to easily fit into an existing pneumatic or gravity fed pipeline transporting food stuffs. Both ends are fabricated to connect with the installed pipework. The central body of the In-Line Magnet has a strong Rare Earth Neodymium Plate Magnet.

A key feature of the In-Line Magnetic Separator is that there is no restriction to the product flow. In this particular project, baby food passes through the body of the In-Line Magnet and any ferrous or weakly magnetic materials are attracted by the strong magnetic field and then held against the face or the Plate Magnet.

The Plate Magnet has a tapered step, which intensifies the magnetic force and also provides an area to collect rogue metal contamination.

As the Baby Food has chunks of vegetables and meat, it was important that there was no restriction to the product flow where the food could be damaged or blockages could occur.  The Magnetic Liquid Filter, which uses Rare Earth Neodymium Tube Magnets, would not have been suitable for this application.

Periodically, the captured metal is cleaned off the face of the Plate Magnet. Access is designed to be simple and quick, with the Plate Magnet swinging away from the body on hinges.

All 42 In-Line Magnetic Separators are designed for use in pneumatic pipelines up to 15 psi.  They are manufactured from Stainless Steel there are a range of standard sizes available.

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