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Since 1959, Bunting® has provided cutting-edge magnetic technology to support the operations of many different industries, from food processing to mining. Bunting’s wide range of equipment features magnetic separation products, metal detection devices, material handling conveyors, printing cylinders, custom magnets and magnetic assemblies, in-stock neodymium magnets, and more. All of our equipment is designed to be low-maintenance and operator friendly to increase efficiency and decrease downtime in your production. We work one-on-one with each customer to provide you with a custom-designed product that is perfectly suited to your application needs and fits seamlessly into your existing facility. Bunting® has been a family-owned, family-operated company since it was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1959. In 1979, the company relocated its headquarters to Newton, Kansas, and has since branched out to establish multiple new locations both within the United States as well as worldwide. Today, Bunting® has locations in Bunting-Elk Grove Village; Bunting-DuBois; Bunting-Berkhamsted and Bunting-Redditch in the United Kingdom; Victoria, Australia; and Ningbo, China.

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Bunting Magnetics

Equipment for Your Operations: Magnetic Separation, Metal Detection, Material Handling, Printing, and More

Many industries we serve, such as food processing, plastics manufacturing, recycling, and mining, benefit by using our magnetic separation, metal detection, and material handling equipment. By using magnetic separation technology, metal contaminants are removed from product lines, creating a safe, high-purity end product for the customer and maintaining the integrity of other equipment in the production line. Our metal detection equipment is employed to alert operators of ferrous and non-ferrous metal hazards in raw and packaged product. This offers another step in ensuring no contaminants remain in product, as well as having the additional benefit of detecting non-magnetic metal fragments. Many customers benefit from using our material handling conveying systems to efficiently transport product throughout their facilities, as we offer a wide range of both magnetic and non-magnetic material handling equipment and accessories. Since 1974, Bunting® has also produced highly specialized equipment for the printing industry, designed to provide a superior, high-definition product.

Modern Engineering for Modern Industries: Solving Problems Together With You

Our team of engineers works with the latest computer-aided design technology to develop products that will meet your unique needs and fit easily into your existing equipment configuration. We work in many different industries and have experience solving many different problems, whether you are seeking to detect the smallest speck of metal in your product, print the boldest design on your beverage can, or move a massive load of material throughout your facility. If you are seeking to innovate within your industry, Bunting will work with you every step of the way, combining our magnetic expertise with your industry knowledge to develop custom equipment to suit your needs. For over sixty years, Bunting has solved the toughest problems with custom-designed solutions, and we are eager to push forward into the future with our same dedication to high-quality engineering and innovation.

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