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Our online magnet store,, offers the largest selection of permanent and industrial magnet equipment. Our Bunting Magnets selection includes hundreds of shapes and sizes, as well as a wide assortment of magnetic tools for work-holding, lifting and plant maintenance. 

You can count on Bunting. With us, you’ll receive excellent customer service for your quote and all in-stock products ship with-in 24 hours. Our stock magnets meet or exceed MMPA, ROHS and REACH standards. 


Rare earth magnets


Rare Earth Magnets


Neodymium Magnets 


Samarium Cobalt Magnets 


Alnico Magnets


Ceramic Magnets Bar shaped magnets Block shaped magnets


Ceramic Magnets


Bar Shaped Magnets


Block Shaped Magnets


Channel Shaped Magnets


disc shaped magnets  Horseshoe shaped magnet Rotor shaped magnet Ring shaped magnet


Disc Shaped Magnets


Horseshoe Magnets


Rotor Shaped Magnets


Ring Shaped Magnets 





Magnetic Pull Test Kits


Magnetic Head Pulleys