Bunting’s Bread Pan and Baking Pan Magnets Keep Your Holidays Happy

  by Veronica Zuccarello  In December, kitchens across the globe are bustling with activity as cookies for Santa, fruit cakes, pumpkin pies, and any other holiday treats you can imagine are being baked for the season. This is an exceptionally…

Bunting Introduces NEW Lockdown School Security Magnets-Bunting Elk Grove Village- Security Door Magnets

Bunting Introduces NEW Lockdown School Security Magnets

  by Veronica Zuccarello Lockdown magnets, also known as school security magnets, have been developed as a way to protect students, educators, and school staff from the ongoing threat of violence within schools. Lockdown magnets are an ideal solution because…

Nautical Neodymium Magnets and Samarium Cobalt Magnets-Boat Magnets-Bunting-Elk Grove Vilalge

Nautical Neodymium Magnets and Samarium Cobalt Magnets

  by Veronica Zuccarello Sometimes, the most annoying problems have the simplest solutions. When out for an enjoyable afternoon on your boat, the last thing you want to be doing is constantly readjusting the cushion you’re sitting on. Velcro wears…

Nine Ways to Use Pre-Cut Flexible Magnetic Strips with Adhesive Back-Bunting-Elk Grove Village-Magnetic strips-magnetic tape

Nine Ways to Use Pre-Cut Flexible Magnetic Tape Strips

Magnetic Tape Strips can be used in a wide variety of fun and practical ways.   by Veronica Zuccarello Pre-cut flexible magnetic tape strips from Bunting-Elk Grove Village can serve many functions for every member of your family. Entertain your…

Neodymium Magnets Help Comic Book Fans Level Up Their Cosplays-Bunting Magnetics-BuyMagnets

Neodymium Magnets Help Comic Book Fans “Level Up” Their Cosplays

  by Veronica Zuccarello Most people associate the month of July with running outside to soak up the sun and splash in the pool. For some people, however, July is a month where they can’t wait to get indoors—into the…

Cabinet Magnets for Your Home and Elsewhere-BuyMagnets-Bunting Magnetics-Magnetic Door Latches

Cabinet Magnets for Home Improvements

Cabinet magnets and magnetic door latches provide simple, inexpensive updates for your home and recreational vehicles. by Veronica Zuccarello As summer rolls around, the warm temperatures and longer days provide a great opportunity to pursue DIY home renovation projects. A…

Sensors Midwest 2018 Expo-BuyMagnets.com-Bunting Magnetics-Rosemont, IL

BuyMagnets.com is Front and Center at Sensors Midwest 2018 Expo

The first thing you see after walking through the doors of the Sensors Midwest 2018 Expo is the BuyMagnets.com booth. We’re pretty hard to miss with the prime location right as you enter the hall. Our booth #400 has N42 and…


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