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Cabinet Magnets for Home Improvements

Cabinet Magnets for Home Improvements-BuyMagnets-Bunting Magnetics-Magnetic Door Latches

Cabinet magnets and magnetic door latches provide simple, inexpensive updates for your home and recreational vehicles.

by Veronica Zuccarello

As summer rolls around, the warm temperatures and longer days provide a great opportunity to pursue DIY home renovation projects. A lot of projects that we see shared on YouTube and Facebook are far too daunting to consider taking on. However, smaller projects, such as installing cabinet magnets on the doors and cabinets in your home, are simple, inexpensive, and will greatly improve your quality of life.

During the warmer months of the year, it may be pleasant to have your doors freely swinging open as a summer breeze flows throughout your home. However, in winter, these gentle breezes quickly become harsh, chilling drafts that drive up your utility bills and leave you shivering and miserable. Rather than pay a high heat bill in a few months, you can purchase an inexpensive, easy to install magnetic door latch or magnetic drawer catch that will prevent doors from rattling and blowing open.
After working on a DIY project in the heat of the summer, you’ll probably want to take a long shower to refresh yourself. Magnetic door latches are an excellent choice for installing on the doors of walk-in showers. Many homeowners also prefer the modernity and convenience associated with a walk-in shower enclosure as opposed to dealing with mildew-prone curtains. If you’re renovating your home to prepare it to sell or rent, incorporating a walk-in shower is an extremely attractive upgrade to draw in buyers or tenants.

Many people prefer to keep their cabinet doors firmly shut, but for parents of small children and pet owners, keeping cabinets shut tightly is a requirement. Other solutions for keeping cabinets closed are made of flimsy plastic that breaks, weak adhesive that fails to mount, or other cheap materials that are prone to falling apart and risking harm to your child or pet. Cabinet magnets are inexpensive, easy to install, and versatile. Most importantly, they are a reliable way to ensure the safety of the children and pets in your home. With magnetic door catches, you can rest assured knowing that harmful items, such as bleach and dangerously tempting detergent pods, will be out of reach from little hands and paws.

Outside of the home, cabinet magnets are a great improvement to make to your RV or boat. While going over a bumpy road or a sudden wave, cabinets can fly open. At best, this will create a huge mess. At worst, a passenger could be seriously harmed by an object being flung out of a cabinet and hitting them in the head. Magnetic cabinet latches can be quickly installed the night before your road trip or day of sailing. They provide a simple way for you to update your existing storage space as opposed to installing completely new fixtures. No matter how jarring a pothole may be, magnetic latches will keep doors shut tight.

There are many warm summer days ahead of us, providing many opportunities to work on home improvement projects, go on recreational excursions, or simply enjoy spending time with family. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time, you can rely on simple magnetic solutions from, a division of Bunting Magnetics Co., to improve your quality of life throughout the whole year.