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Bunting Magnetic Calculators Provide Design Assistance

Bunting Magnetic Calculators Provide Design Assistance-Bunting-Elk Grove Village


by Veronica Zuccarello

When choosing the perfect magnet for your application, there are many factors to consider. Magnets are diverse, with many shapes, sizes, and strengths available—not to mention a variety of different magnetic materials to choose from. Bunting-Elk Grove Village offers over 1,000 different varieties of permanent magnets, magnetic equipment, and magnetic holding assemblies, as well as over 250 different types of powerful neodymium magnets. While we are proud to offer the largest, most diverse online magnet selection, we understand it can be overwhelming. To assist you in choosing the perfect magnet for your application, Bunting has several magnetic calculators available for your free usage on our website.

Magnetic Calculators Help You Find the Perfect Magnet

We offer calculators that address field strength for blocks, cylinders, and rings, as well as a unit conversion calculator and a holding force calculator.


Magnetic Field Strength Calculator: This calculator can calculate the magnetic field strength in Gauss for Block, Cylinder, and Ring shaped magnets.

 Field_Calculator-Bunting Magnetic Calculators Provide Design Assistance-Bunting-Elk Grove Village



Unit Conversion Calculator: This calculator deals with converting key magnetic units.

For magnetic flux density and magnetic induction (B), convert Gauss (G) to Tesla (T).

For magnetic flux strength and magnetic force (H), convert from Oersteds (Oe) into Amps per meter (A/m).

For maximum energy product, convert megaGaussOersteds (MGOe) to kiloJoule per cubic meter (kJ/m3)


Holding Force Calculator: This calculator estimates the attractive force (in lbs) between a magnet with a straight line demagnetization characteristic when it is placed in direct contact with a flat, sufficiently thick, steel work-piece.



Magnetic Calculators Supported by Engineering Experts

Our magnetic calculators are supplied for your convenience and intended to assist you in choosing a design path. There are many variables in the real world that these calculations cannot account for—however, while our calculators can’t answer every question you may have, our world-class team of engineers is available to answer every question you may have. Whether you are trying to pick the best magnet for a home improvement project or an industrial application, Bunting’s team is here to help. No project is too big or too small for us to handle, and we are looking forward to hearing from you and answering all of your magnet-related questions.

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